The audio quality throughout your commercial business does make a difference. Whether you have a paging system to send announcements out or play music for your workers or customers, you need clear sound to reflect your business’s attention to detail. Just any speaker system won’t do. If you want the clearest audio possible, you need to partner with a professional provider who can design an optimized system for your business.

Applications for Business Speaker Systems

There are many ways that you can use a speaker system in your business. For all these uses, you must have clear audio to make the system useful instead of a detriment. Common uses for business speakers go beyond playing music or making announcements. Other applications can even save lives.

Not all emergencies require fire alarms to alert building occupants of a dangerous situation. For instance, tornadoes, chemical leaks, or other severe weather events may require people to either evacuate or remain in place. In these emergencies, you can send announcements over the speaker system to instruct those in the building in the appropriate action to take. Clear sound quality ensures that everyone can hear the instructions correctly and respond appropriately.

Another use for your business’s speaker system is to deliver information to large groups of people. For instance, if you have a large gathering area in your business and want to deliver congratulations or motivational messages, you can use the speaker system to do so.

Poor Sound Quality Can Create Costly Distractions

Having a sound system in your business can help to save lives in emergencies, give workers vital information, or relax building occupants with music. However, poor sound quality can cause distractions in the workplace and cause distrust in customers.

A study from the Australian National University and the University of Southern California found that audio quality influenced how likely people were to trust the source. They found that when participants viewed a video with either good or poor sound quality, those who saw the latter did not find the information as credible.

What does this mean for your business? If you want to make a good impression with customers, employees, and building occupants, you need to have an audio system that clearly delivers messages and music to them. Poor sound quality can muddle your message. Plus, customers may have a negative view of your business.

Improve Your Commercial Audio System with Assistance from Experience Audio Video Inc. Commercial Services

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we provide businesses with commercial-grade systems that will deliver the clear sound quality they need. Good audio systems properly deliver announcements, send out emergency instructions clearly, and improve your esteem in customers’ minds. Find out more today about our services for offices, retail, restaurants, and many other businesses, and make us your partners in commercial audio.




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