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Workers Back at the Office Mean You Need to Reevaluate Your Conference Room Tech

As of September, 2021, many companies are bringing workers back from more than a year of remote work. Others, are putting off the date for a full return to the office. For instance, Google announced at the end of August, 2021, that it would delay its date for office returns to January 10, 2022. Whether your company has its full workforce back at the office or a steady trickling in of employees returning from remote work, you should consider your conference room. With more worker back in offices, conference rooms will return to their original use. Therefore, now is the best time to upgrade your tech.

Why Conference Room Upgrades Are Necessary

During 2020, many workers conducted meetings over their laptop computers from home. In many cases, they used headphones to get the clearest sound possible. Their internet connection determined the video quality of the conferences. While they may have become accustomed to lackluster meeting video and audio quality on their computers, they want to come back to an office where they don’t have to experience those types of low-resolution meetings.

When they return to the office, they expect better video and sound quality in the conference room than they experienced from their computers. If they cannot get this quality, they may not find a reason to attend meetings. Therefore, you want to check that you have the equipment necessary to deliver clear video and quality sound.

Types of Upgrades You May Want to Make

First, look at the sound and video technology that you use. Some conference rooms use projectors while others rely on television screens to show video. Whichever you use, make sure that it shows sharp images so employees can easily read slideshows, graphics, and other displays on the screen.

Audio needs to be crystal clear to ensure better comprehension from workers. They may not have a chance to ask the speaker to repeat a point. Therefore, you need audio that does not muffle voices or create echoes int the space.

Don’t Forget About Other Factors

Other factors to think about for your conference room upgrades include lighting and temperature control. These controls impact the comfort of meeting participants. Consequently, you should not neglect to consider upgrades to these when improving your conference room.

Connect with the Experts in Conference Room Technology for Advice

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What? What? – Signs That You May Need to Upgrade Your Conference Room Audio

Everyone in your conference room should be able to hear clearly. However, some factors of your audio and room design can cause problems with the sound quality. In fact, up to 81% of people surveyed regarded perfect audio and the deciding factor in meeting a success for virtual meetings. Audio quality will also be important for your in-person meeting successes when you return to collaborating in the conference room. Therefore, you should consider upgrading your meeting room audio system if you notice any of the following issues.

Echoing in the Room from Furnishings

An echoey meeting room typically comes from a combination of poor audio and the furnishings in the space. If you have multiple surfaces that allow sound to bounce off them, such as a stone meeting table, whiteboard, windows, and hard chairs, you will have more audio problems. A sound designer can help you to improve the sound quality through better audio equipment and by adding acoustical tiles, carpeting, and other sound-dampening measures.

Poor Speaker Arrangement Leads to Echoing or Poor Sound Quality

Another way to fix echoing in the room is through better speakers with correct placement. The participants should sit between pairs of speakers, so the combination of the sounds meets at the table. This arrangement reduces echoing but may also need additional means of sound control to make the audio even clearer.

Old Equipment Negatively Affects Audio Quality

As audio equipment ages, it wears out to no longer transmit sound as well. Plus, with the introduction of newer sound technologies, people become exposed to sharp sound quality in their daily lives and expect no less from their office conference room. If you have older microphones, speakers, or other sound equipment in your meeting room, upgrade today for better, sharper sound, and stop hearing workers asking speakers to talk louder, repeat what they said, or speak more clearly.

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The Problem of Employee Theft and How Security Cameras Can Help

Employee theft remains a major problem for companies in 2021. While many stores closed temporarily during 2020 due to the pandemic, the problem of employee theft remained. In fact, during 2020, employees stole an average of 3.8% more than the previous year. Security cameras can prevent theft by letting employees know that they will be monitored and caught if they steal from the company.

What Security Cameras Can Do to Prevent Employee Theft

Even in businesses that don’t need to worry about shoplifting because they don’t have storefronts that customers browse still need to think about theft prevention. Employee theft can create a significant dent in profits. Therefore, having cameras to watch workers can save money over time, even after factoring in the cost of installing the hardware.

To ensure the cameras deter theft, let workers know that they are always monitored during working hours. Therefore, they will be less likely to try to steal from the company if they know they will appear on camera, which tightens a legal case against them.

Places Where You Cannot Put Security Cameras

There are some locations in your business where privacy laws prohibit camera monitoring. These include bathrooms, shower rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, and changing areas. Basically, anywhere someone has an expectation of privacy, you cannot put up cameras.

You should also use caution when directing cameras to look out windows or at other buildings. You cannot place security cameras where they could look into bedrooms, hotel rooms, bathrooms, or other locations where cameras are prohibited if you want to avoid legla problems.

Where You Should Install Security Cameras

For protecting your company against employee theft, place cameras in areas where such an event might occur. For instance, you could put cameras inside storage rooms or warehouse spaces. You may also place cameras on showroom floors or other retail areas to protect against customers who might shoplift. Make sure that you use them in areas where people will most likely feel tempted to steal to provide the greatest impact.

Keep Your Business Profitable by Preventing Employee Theft with Security Cameras

Get started with setting up quality video recording cameras around your business today. Contact our commercial A/V experts here at Experience Audio Video, Inc. We’re here to provide you with cameras that can record sharp images to deter theft and provide evidence if it does happen to increase your chances of recovering the lost property. Find out more about audio and video solutions for your business when you talk to us about security cameras and more for your property.




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Safety Beyond Your Office Doors: Security Cameras for Parking and Entrances

You may not be aware that one-tenth of property crimes take place in parking areas. One way to deter these incidents from happening in your business’s parking is to install security cameras for surveillance. With these cameras, you can track who comes and goes from the area and what happens while they are in the area.

Why Business Parking Safety Is Important

Customers and employees who use your parking areas need to feel that their property will be safe in the area. You should always install signs that indicate people park at their own risk and you are not responsible for losses. However, you should also take steps to make the area as safe and secure as possible.

If customers have their cars broken into while inside your business, they may not come back. Employees may feel unsafe and not want to return to work if their cars are stolen or have things removed from them. Therefore, while you may not be responsible for losses, you should take charge of security for the area.

Security Cameras Are Key for Safety

Security cameras are essential after reporting a crime. The police will likely use the footage to try to identify a suspect. In some cases, the public will also see that footage if the police need assistance with finding the person of interest. Therefore, you need to have cameras that produce the clearest images possible.

Security cameras may also prevent crime if people thinking of breaking into cars or stealing vehicles see them. Posting signs alerting potential criminals and those who use the parking area of the surveillance system can also help to direct attention to the cameras.

You Should Consider Additional Safety Features

While security cameras are important, they are not the only way to keep your parking areas safe. Make sure the area is well-lit. The lighting will help your cameras to record better images while reducing shadows where those with ill intentions can hide. Trimming trees and shrubs to reduce hiding spots can also help.

If possible, have gated entry and exit and fencing around the parking area to allow only employees and customers inside. Should you not be able to do this due to a public or shared lot, consider having a patrol or lot attendant keep an eye on the area during the day.

Make Experience Audio Video, Inc. Your Commercial Security Camera Provider in Southern California

If you want to start making your employees and customers feel safer at your business, contact us at Experience Audio Video, Inc. We can help you with these cameras and any other A/V solutions you need for your business. Let us know how we can help you by contacting us today.