Forget standing behind your computer to interact with the images on the projected screen. With modern interactive screen options, you can control everything while standing in front of the conference room. Better placement of the speaker ensures that people stay focused. Plus, you will have the ability to better interact with the presentation screen to get your point across.

Interactive Presentation Screens

You’ve probably seen interactive screens before. Many meteorologists use them to describe the upcoming weather. They may use their finger or a stylus to draw on the board to indicate moving weather patterns or to outline specific areas. Teachers also use these boards instead of plain whiteboards to create engaging presentations for their classes and to illustrate concepts to their students.

You can use this same technology as part of your conference video. By connecting your laptop to the screen, you can control your computer without leaving the front of the conference room. This way, you have a better presence during the meeting and can see everyone’s reactions clearly instead of hiding behind your laptop screen.

Camera Integration for Conference Room Video Meetings

If you want to turn your conference room into a video conference-ready space, integrate cameras into the screens to capture footage of meeting participants. In fact, by using video conferencing, you could increase productivity by up to 50%. By being able to remotely participate in meetings and collaborate with others, participants in video conferencing have an advantage over those who cannot attend these types of sessions.

Projectors for Large Meeting Rooms

If you have a very large meeting room, or a lecture hall, where an interactive screen will not be large enough, consider a projector. These deliver input from your laptop onto a large screen for viewing by many people. The projected image also does not come with the fatiguing blue light of a back-lit screen. Therefore, you may have better focus from participants.

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