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Why You Still Need a Conference Room in an Era of Remote Meetings

Despite the rise in remote work, conference space for in-person collaboration remains essential for keeping employees connected. In fact, meeting rooms can become important components of the new hybrid office that brings together in-office and remote workers. Among company leaders surveyed in 2020, 66% reported thinking about updating their offices for hybrid work. If you find yourself in this group, an easy place to start is by upgrading your conference room.

The Importance of a Huddle Space in Your Conference Room

Your workers still need to collaborate on projects. Brainstorming requires interactive efforts. The more interaction among participants, the more productive the sessions can be. Individuals who produce an idea can have it improved upon by others in the group. Ideas that do not have initial popularity may evolve through group discussion into more feasible plans.

Plus, the ability to talk to coworkers during the interactions can promote valuable team building, which is difficult to do with hybrid offices. Even if some of your workers don’t come to the office daily, they can still be part of meetings through conference room huddles that use video meetings and collaboration among those in the office.

Upgrade Audio and Video for Hybrid Meetings

To make conference rooms better for huddles with remote and in-office workers, you need to upgrade the audio and video for the room. Poor quality AV equipment wastes meeting time when people cannot hear each other or be heard. HD video ensures that all images are clearly seen by everyone. High quality audio provides crystal clear sound for those in the conference room and those calling in remotely.

Encourage Collaboration from Anywhere with Your New Conference Space

High quality AV equipment in your meeting room encourages collaboration among all workers, regardless of their location. However, for those who work from the office, they should still have a place to meet in person, which is why your conference space is still essential in the era of hybrid offices and remote meetings.

Reach Out to Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for the Upgrades You Need to Create a Hybrid Conference Room for the Remote Era

Make the modern upgrades to you conference room to encourage hybrid collaboration with those working in the office and those working from home. Start your upgrades with a call to our commercial division at Experience Audio Video Inc. We specialize in helping businesses choose the right conference room upgrades to meet their evolving needs. Don’t leave your at-home workers behind. Start with creating hybrid work spaces for all workers to collaborate.




Conference room

Upgrade Your Conference Room Displays Beyond Traditional Whiteboards

Your workers are likely already using video conferencing to engage in meetings. In fact, 78% of companies use video conferencing for meetings. If your conference room still relies on a whiteboard that constantly needs new supplies of dry-erase markers, you’re behind the times. It’s time to upgrade your conference room for an era of video meetings that allow you to communicate with clients and employees anywhere in the world through high-tech digital video and sound.

Why You Should Toss Your Old Whiteboard

Your old whiteboard is likely gathering dust. Not many people use these during meetings aside from writing the names of guests on them. Plus, you need to buy regular supplies of board cleaner, dry erase markers, and erasers to use these boards. You also cannot use a dry erase whiteboard at the same time that you have the lights turned down to view a projector.

Whiteboards in your conference room can also cause problems because not everyone can see what is written on them clearly. The individuals who cannot make out the words on the board may be sitting too far away, the writer may be writing too small, the markers could be old and faded, or the colors could be too light to see under harsh conference room lighting. There are much better alternatives to whiteboards.

Equipment to Replace Your Old Whiteboard

You have multiple options to replace your conference room whiteboard. These upgrades will improve your meetings significantly by eliminating some of the reasons that people cannot see what the presenter puts onto the board.

You may consider installing an interactive whiteboard. These types of boards use an electric stylus to interact with the board, which has a connection to a computer. The stylus controls the computer the same as a mouse does. Therefore, the presenter can draw or write notes over images or document files displayed on the screen. Plus, they can open a program to allow them to draw with the stylus freehand if needed.

Another option is to use a notebook connected to a projector and use an online whiteboard app. These apps also let users share files. However, they are a better option for those who remotely log into video meetings because the apps often allow remote users to view and interact with them.

How Upgrading Your Conference Room Can Improve Productivity

Upgrading your conference room whiteboard to a modern alternative can reduce the time needed for meetings and make them more productive by ensuring that everyone can readily see the screen and the information on it. Plus, you will save money by never needing to buy markers or erasers for your conference room again.

Contact Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to Make Your Conference Room Upgrades

Your workers deserve the best in video options for their meetings. Contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. to find out more about the best types of replacements for a traditional whiteboard and to schedule installation of them. You could upgrade to an interactive whiteboard or use a computer connected to a projector with a whiteboard app. We can help you decide and professional install the equipment to bring your conference room into the 21st century.




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Upgrade to Digital Signage for Your Bar

As of 2021, the bar and nightclub industry had a $25.1 billion market with an expected growth of 25.2%. Consequently, if you own a bar, you need to make your venue stand out from others by catering to the changing tastes of patrons. For 2021 and beyond, alcohol consumption is on the rise, putting your bar in a prime position for growth. Use digital signage to make your newest drinks known and to advertise old favorites to a new demographic of bar patrons.

Why Use Digital Signage in a Bar

Adding digital signage makes the notifications easier to see in the dimmer lighting frequently used in bars. For instance, you can’t promote drink specials written on a chalkboard if your patrons cannot see the board. Digital signs in your bar stand out with their bright screens that you can adjust as needed.

Plus, you can add images, audio, and video. You can even create slideshows of promotions that you want to show to your patrons.

What to Advertise on Your Digital Signs

Digital signage basically takes a screen and displays the images you tell it from a tablet or computer. In this sense, a digital sign is a way to display the contents of files showcasing your drinks. The things that you advertise are up to your imagination.

How Else You Can Use Digital Signage in Your Bar

One simple way to use the signs is the same way that you would a chalkboard where you write daily specials. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to only this use. The digital signs in your bar can help you to advertise drink specials, notify guests about happy hour deals, showcase live events, or promote specific drink brands. With the option to include moving images, slideshows, still images, or audio, your digital sign screens become easy-to-change advertising sites in your bar.

Contact Our Commercial Division at Experience Audio Video Inc. for Professionally Installed Digital Signage for Your Bar

If you want the convenience of changing the information on your bar’s signs through an app and the benefits of making quick changes, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Our commercial division works specifically with venues like yours to get high-quality signage, audio system, and much more installed. Your customers will have a better experience and you can encourage sales of new drinks with digital signs. Start your bar upgrade today.




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Interactive Displays for Hotel Lobbies

Despite taking a hit from the pandemic, the hotel industry is on the rise once again as people begin to travel more for work and leisure. In fact, hotel performance for Thanksgiving week 2021 came in higher than any previous year, marking a positive move for the industry. If you own a hotel, using interactive displays in the lobby brings information to your guests in a new, engaging way that a stack of brochures on local attractions in the corner cannot.

What Are In-Lobby Interactive Displays?

Interactive displays in your lobby are screens that let guests gain information without taking the time of your busy front desk personnel. You can choose to install one or several interactive digital signs in your lobby, depending on the size of your venue. You may even opt to have some installed near elevator banks as interactive maps to direct guests to the stairs, pool, laundry, gym, ice, vending machines, and front desk.

Of course, you may still have local requirements to maintain plain signs showing the location of stairs and exits in case of fires. Therefore, don’t replace those vital evacuation maps with digital signs. But the interactive maps can supplement them by offering a way for guests to find their preferred amenities quickly.

What to Do with Interactive Displays in Your Lobby

You can install digital signs in your lobby to do several things. If you have special events at your hotel, such as a manager’s dinner or drinks specials, you can use the signs to advertise these. You may also alert guests of closures to amenities such as the pool or gym via these signs.

Another use of interactive displays in your lobby is sharing information about local attractions. Many hotels still have racks of paper brochures featuring attractions in the area. However, you can choose an eco-friendlier option by putting that information into an interactive digital display in your lobby. The added benefit for your staff is not needing to clean up brochures dropped by guests.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage offers your staff time savings because they will be able to direct guests to the interactive displays for information. Plus, you can convey more information about your hotel, its amenities, and the surrounding area via the signs. Digital signage will likely become a part of future hotels because they provide a simple way to get your guests the precise amount and type of information they need.

Equip Your Lobby with Informative, Interactive Digital Signage with a Call to Us at Experience Audio Video Inc.

Upgrade the information you provide your guests with interactive displays in your lobby. You can display maps of the hotel to give them directions to their rooms or showcase local attractions. There are no limits to what you can do with the signs in your lobby. Make the first step in acquiring these amenities by calling us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We have years of experience installing audio and video equipment in commercial venues such as hotels, offices, bars, and restaurants. Let us improve your lobby with our interactive digital signage.