commercial security system

You Need a Commercial Security System for Your Building Now More Than Ever

Your commercial security system should get an upgrade from old-school analog video and video tapes to digital cameras and recording methods. With an improved system, you can capture clearer images of events to help with crime reporting, insurance claim requests, and employee protection.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Security System

There are several reasons for upgrading your commercial security system. Crime never goes away, and you will always need a solution for recording events that will offer police as much evidence as possible. Additionally, video evidence can help to support your insurance claims or provide images of people you want to keep away from your property. However, your ability to do these things hinges on the clarity of the video you record. Upgrading your system ensures that you have clear security footage when you need it.

High Crime Rates

While property crimes have been on the decline since 1990, 2020 still saw 6.45 million property crimes in the United States. These include motor vehicle theft, larceny, burglary, and arson. Sadly, in 2020, of the 6.45 million crimes reported, there were only 871,370 arrests made for property crimes. That means that most of the criminals did not get arrested for the offenses. However, if you have camera footage of the crime, you can give police more evidence to help them find and arrest the perpetrators.

Provide Evidence for Insurance Concerns

If you need to make an insurance claim, the company will likely require proof for processing. Video evidence that clearly shows the covered event will provide the requested proof. For instance, if you have property damage, you may need to provide video from your security system to show that the damage did not happen intentionally and was a covered event.

Protect Employees from Irate Customers

A commercial security system with high quality video can also protect your business from those threatening to sue or otherwise damage your reputation. For instance, a customer might attempt to fake an injury or claim a worker struck them. Video of the incident can show what happened from a neutral perspective. Therefore, people cannot falsely accuse your employees because there will be video proof showing otherwise.

Get Commercial Security System Cameras Installed from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Don’t wait until a crime happens in your building or you need video evidence for your insurance company. The best time to upgrade your commercial security system is before you need it. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to start on the process of having high-quality commercial security cameras installed throughout your building.




conference room lighting

The Importance of Conference Room Lighting

Conference room lighting is more important than you think. Meeting participants can have their attention span, memory retention, and mental alertness all impacted by the lighting level in the room. Science backs these connections, making the investment in better lighting for your conference room a sound one.

Attention Span and Lighting

The brightness level of conference room lighting has a direct connection to the attention span of those in the space. A study of various levels of LED lighting showed that to enhance attention, use the brightest light. The study showed attention was best at 1000 lx (lumens per square meter). Though attention peaked when participants were in the brightest light, it did not produce the best mental performance.

Long-Term Memory and Lighting

For long-term memory retention, the same study showed that moderate lighting of 400 lx was best, compared to 300 lx, 500 lx, and 1000 lx. This level of lighting created the best for long-term memory retrieval. Therefore, if you want meeting participants to remember what happened in previous discussions, turn down the lights.

As light’s illuminance level increased, participants’ attention also rose. Hence, 400 lx provides better attention than 300 lx. Therefore, you should find a good balance between high illuminance for attention and moderate levels for memory recall.

Mental Alertness and Lighting

Alertness and lighting are also connected. Light exposure connects to the level of tiredness people feel. For instance, darkened rooms promote sleepiness because the brain associates the conditions with nighttime. A study of lighting and alertness in the office showed that workers who had overhead or desktop circadian stimulus lights were more alert throughout the day, felt more energetic, and reported less sleepiness. You might consider lighting in your conference room or areas of the office that produce bright daylight luminance to keep workers alert and on task.

As an alternative, you may consider integrating colors and colored lights. Saturated blue colors help to boost alertness. Red colors can act as strongly as a cup of coffee to wake up people. Bright reds are also great for stimulating ideas. Blues help people relax. Harness this evidence by shining colored lights onto a white wall in your meeting room, which will “paint” the wall with the colors. This lets you quickly create the ideal atmosphere for your meeting.

Choose Experience Audio Video Inc. to Create Your Conference Room Lighting to Optimize Attention and Retention

With Experience Audio Video, Inc., you can set up conference room lighting options to adjust the brightness in the room at the touch of a button. Let us create lighting systems to help you have more productive, better focused employees during meetings. Contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. for commercial services.





hotel av systems

Improve Your Hotel AV System to Attract More Events to Your Property

The pandemic struck the travel and hospitality industries hard. However, the final week of 2021 showed a silver lining to the cloud with occupancy rates and per-room revenues both higher than in 2019 for that same week. Take this upward trajectory and leverage it to continue your growth by upgrading your hotel AV system to attract events to your property.

Upgrade Your Hotel AV System in the Conference Room for Corporate Visitors

If you have a meeting room or ballroom that goes unused, upgrading the audio and video systems in the spaces can attract corporate visitors who want to host meetings at your property. Better AV systems allow for clearer sound and video when individuals host meetings that have video components.

Alternatively, participants can connect with each other and remotely access webinars in other locations. This scenario is ideal for corporate training or other events that require collaboration among participants that in-person sessions offer.

Your property cannot benefit from renting out your meeting space for these types of events, though, if your hotel AV system cannot provide clear audio and video. Upgrading can help you to increase this source of revenue for your property.

Improve the AV System in Your Ballroom to Bring in More Events

Your hotel’s ballroom can become a site for wedding receptions, quinceaneras, birthdays, retirement parties, or other events. All these gatherings rely on good audio for music. Plus, some may want to use a microphone to address those in attendance. Video may be a component of some events, too. When you have a high-quality AV system in your ballroom, you never have to turn down events that require such equipment.

Boost the Hotel AV System in Your Lobby and Bar to Offer Premium Relaxation for Guests

Your lobby is another important area of your property to consider for upgraded AV equipment. A clear audio system with soothing music promotes relaxation. While video screens can show local attractions and provide information about your hotel’s amenities.

If your property has a bar or restaurant, you can also show sports events in the dining area and entice locals to stop by your property for dinner and to share the experience of viewing live sports with others. Video quality is essential for these types of events. You want high-definition screens so those in the restaurant or bar can clearly see everything. They should also feel that leaving their home to see sporting events at your property was worth the trip. It will be if you have HD TVs in your bar or restaurant area for event watching.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for the Upgrades Your Hotel AV System Needs to Bring in More Visitors

Start hosting meetings, conferences, parties, wedding receptions, and much more with improved sound and video in your conference room, ballroom, and lobby. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to provide your property with the upgraded hotel AV system you need to attract events.





digital menus

Benefits of Digital Menu Displays at Restaurants and Fast Food Spots

Upgrade your restaurant with digital menu displays. You’ll improve sales and make your managers’ lives easier because they don’t have to manually change menus as your restaurant switches from breakfast to lunch or from lunch to dinner offerings. Find out more about the benefits of including digital menus and how you can see a return on your investment in this technology.

Show Specials at a Moment’s Notice

You don’t have to wait for posters to get printed when you want to showcase special deals, meal options, or events. Simply upload the images of the items and information onto the digital menu displays. You can also choose which displays to have the specials on them, so you don’t need to sacrifice screens outlining menu offerings to show off special deals.

Reduce Time Needed to Change the Menu

With digital displays, you control the content from a computer or tablet. Therefore, changing the displays is simple and requires much less time than replacing posters or stacks of paper menus. If you have static menus written on boards, someone needs to rewrite the information those when prices shift or menu options change. With digital menus, no one has to climb a ladder to make changes to the menu data.

Influence Customers to Try New Items

Digital menu displays have a strong influence on customers. In fact, customers carefully look over the digital displays and nearly 30% report the information on those menus as influencing their choices. If you want to get customers to try a new item or promote a high-profit option, use the digital displays to your advantage.

Increase Sales

On average, the sales of restaurants that integrate digital menus increase up to 5%. This rise in sales will eventually produce a return on your investment in the new menus. Depending on your current sales, the amount of increase you could see in dollars could be in the range of tens of thousands or more.

Get Professional Digital Menu Displays for Your Restaurant from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Getting digital menu displays for your restaurant requires professional consultation to find the right screens and have them correctly installed. The screens should stand up to the rigors of your restaurant’s daily operations and still remain clear and easy to read. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we’re experts in all forms of sound and sight producing equipment for businesses. Let us help you to find the best displays for your menus and install them in your restaurant. You can begin to see the perks once you start using the digital displays.

To get started with upgrading your restaurant menus, contact us today at the commercial site for Experience Audio Video Inc.