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Benefits of High-Quality Security Cameras for Your Business

While most employers want to trust their employees, the truth is that many cannot. Whether you put complete trust or not in your staff, you should still take steps to secure your company’s property. Whether you have an office building or a retail store, you need high-quality security cameras to dissuade crime and to find the culprits if your business has experienced theft.

The Problem of Theft in Businesses

Across the country, the statistics of theft in business are serious. In fact, 75% of workers have indicated that at some point they have stolen at least once from their employers. The numbers add up to the millions annually. Therefore, all employers need to have ways to mitigate theft and to ensure that those who do steal experience proper legal consequences. Security cameras placed around the office are one way to do that.

Benefits of Installing Business Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in your business is not just a way to protect your property. It can provide multiple perks, too. For instance, you may reduce your chances of theft, which could lower your insurance rates.

Another benefit is if the camera finds the thief, and the law successfully prosecutes them, you could recover your lost products or money. This can reduce your overall business losses, even if you do experience theft.

Employees may feel safer with cameras keeping an eye on them, especially for those who arrive early or work late and are alone in the building.

In some cases, these cameras can even spot the origins of a fire in your building when the smoke alarms go off, helping you to correct the cause of the fire quickly and prevent future problems.

Types of Cameras for Your Business

Security cameras can record in high-definition or color. They may also have LED lights. While you might think that high-definition color is the best choice for all your security needs, you may not have the storage space to retain footage from the camera.

Cameras that have LED lights embedded in them allow the camera to capture footage in almost total darkness. Hence, these types of cameras are best for dark alleys, hallways, or parking lots.

Ask an experience in commercial security camera installation for the best type of camera to protect your business from theft.

Have Commercial-Grade Security Cameras Installed from Experience Audio Video Inc.

You deserve to keep your assets secure and your employees safe. Security cameras can protect your bottom line by discouraging theft. Contact our commercial sector at Experience Audio Video Inc. to have high-quality security cameras installed in your business. The best way you can stop crime in your workplace is by making moves toward boosting security through technology.




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Benefits of a Dedicated Conference Room Audio System

When you host a meeting, you should set yourself up for success long before the gathering. One of the most important aspects of the discussion will be the conference room audio. You need quality audio to keep people on task and to avoid misunderstandings. Discover other perks of having a dedicating audio system installed in your conference room.

Downsides to Poor Audio Quality

If you are relying on your laptop speakers to deliver information in a meeting, you could have people not hear everything clearly. When the sound is garbled or too low, participants will fatigue during the meeting more easily because they are putting greater physical and mental effort into trying to discern the sounds. Good sound quality allows their bodies to relax and not lean forward. Their minds, too, can focus on the content of the audio instead of trying to figure out what the sounds are.

Better Participation

Everyone in a meeting can feel freer to participate when you have a dedicated conference room audio system. For instance, someone with a naturally quiet voice may not have their ideas or views heard. However, if you have microphones at each spot connected to the room’s speakers, they can speak and be heard clearly by everyone in the room.

Easier Connectivity

Many meeting presentations start on laptops. Presenters may connect the video only of their laptop to a projector and have their laptop speaker produce the audio for the presentation. This method does not work well because the audio and video may not sync or the audio could become unclear when the presenter has to turn their speakers to maximum volume. There is a better solution.

When connected to the conference room audio system, everyone has the ability to share videos, sound clips, and presentations from their laptops. They don’t need to worry about bringing separate speakers. The room’s audio system will amplify the sound to give the presentation its greatest effect.

Let Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Create a Dedicated Conference Room Audio System for You

Don’t let another meeting fail due to poor sound quality. Contact us at our commercial services division of Experience Audio Video Inc. to get a professionally installed conference room audio system and bring productivity back to your meetings.




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About Conference Room Projector Light Sources

Thinking of getting a new projector installed in your conference room? The light sources will make a major difference in your options. Some have almost permanent light sources while others may need regular replacement. Which type of conference room projector is best for your meeting room? Find out more about the various light sources to narrow down the many choices you have for a projector.

Why Are Conference Room Projector Light Sources Important?

The type of light source in your projector makes differences in the model’s longevity and image quality. The operation of the unit is also impacted by the type of light source within the projector. How often your meeting room uses the projector and how long you need it to last will affect your decision about the type of light source inside the projector.

Types of Light Sources

A conference room projector can have one of three main sources of light – bulbs, LED, or lasers. The models that use these light sources also have three main price points that respectively go from lowest to highest for bulbs to lasers.


The first, bulbs are typically metal halide bulbs. These standard lightbulbs produce good enough image quality that they have frequent applications in home theater equipment. Plus, projectors that use bulbs tend to be more economical. The downsides are shorter life spans for the bulb and the heat produced during use. A fan typically cools the unit, but in a quiet room, the fan can become a distraction.


Another type of light source is the light-emitting diode (LED). These projectors don’t generate heat during operation. Therefore, they are quieter since they don’t need cooling fans. They also last much longer than bulb projectors. The only downsides to these projector light sources are their replacement cost and brightness. Older models would not shine as brightly or show colors as vividly as bulbs. Upgrades in technology have allowed LED projectors to perform as well visually as bulb projectors. The replacement cost for bulbs is more expensive, though.


Laser projectors are typically not seen in conference rooms. These extremely bright light sources are most often used for outdoor projectors or very large screens. They tend to cost much more than other types of projectors. However, the light source lasts for the life of the unit.

Let Our Team at the Commercial Side of Experience Audio Video Help You Find a Great Conference Room Projector

Whether you know exactly the type of project you want or need help in choosing, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc.Whatever type of projector you select for your meeting room, you can trust us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to professionally install it. We can also help you with other ways to upgrade your conference room to improve the quality of light, sound, and presentations.




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Why Your Conference Room Table Needs Flip Tops

Are you setting up a new conference room or renewing an existing one? If you have simple, solid tables, you could be missing out on providing your employees with the tools they need to become engaged meeting participants. Conference room table flip tops should be part of your meeting space upgrade plans.

What Are Conference Room Table Flip Tops?

Conference room table flip tops provide a means of managing cables of those participating in the meeting while providing them with centralized power and network outlets. Some models also have access to audio and video connections to let participants share their laptop screens with others via the meeting projector. The flip tops hide the outlets in a recessed container under a lid until needed.

Why You Need Flip Tops in the Table

Today, meetings require participants to bring more than paper and pencil. In fact, everyone in the room might have their tablets or laptops running during the meeting to take notes or engage in interactive activities. Therefore, you will need to ensure that everyone has the power necessary to keep their devices running throughout the entire meeting. A dying tablet or notebook battery could cause someone to leave early or to lose focus. Flip tops ensure that each person has access to an outlet and network connection to keep working throughout the meeting.

Types of Flip Tops for Conference Rooms

There are many quality makers of conference room table flip tops. For instance, both Creston and Extron make these devices. Creston calls their line FlipTopv. Extron uses the term Cable Cubby. Both brands are among those that you may consider for your meeting room. Consult with an A/V professional to find the perfect solution for what your conference room and meeting participants need.

Improve Your Meeting Room with Help from the Commercial Services at Experience Audio Video Inc.

Whether you are creating a new conference room or want to integrate better technology into an existing meeting space, trust the commercial division of Experience Audio Video Inc. We will set up your ultimate meeting room for enhanced productivity and focus. Contact us today to start finding out more about our options, including conference room table flip tops and more.