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Will You Still Need Upgraded Conference Audio and Video When Workers Come Back to the Office?

conference audio

If you think that all your workers will return to the office in 2022, you may need to reassess your prediction. In 2022, 90% of employers reported allowing hybrid working for their employees in knowledge-based positions. This would allow them to split their working hours during the week between their home and the office. By having part of your workforce at home, video conferencing will still be a requirement, hence, you’ll need to consider upgrading your conference audio and video equipment if you haven’t already.

Benefits of Upgraded Conference Audio and Video Equipment for Hybrid Offices

In a hybrid office, there will be days when you have workers at home with whom you need to meet. Having high quality A/V equipment in your conference room ensures that your meetings with remote workers will be clearly heard and understood. Plus, your in-office workers can easily collaborate with their colleagues through the conference room A/V system instead of relying on their personal or company laptops.

Perks of Upgraded Conference Audio and Video Equipment for Traditional Offices

The need to upgrade your conference room to high definition video displays and crystal clear sound is equally important for traditional offices. In today’s increasingly digital world, you need to have digital presentations to show your clients and workers. High-end A/V equipment in your conference room allows you to show the best possible version of your presentations, improving your communication abilities and showcasing your professionalism to clients.

A Future Investment in Your Office

When you want to invest in your office for future changes, integrating better conference audio and video is a good start. Changes in work habits will increasingly make remote work more desirable for employees. But you will still need to see and hear them as clearly during meetings as if they were in person. Better A/V equipment for your conference room is one way to invest in a workplace that will adapt to future changes.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to Upgrade Your Conference Audio and Video for Your Return to a Hybrid or Traditional Office

Both traditional and hybrid offices will have people working in-person. Connect them with each other and with those working outside the office through video conferencing. To get the best clarity, you should upgrade to better conference audio and video equipment for your workplace. Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to start the process of improving communications in your post-pandemic office.




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Take Advantage of Digital Signs and Video to Influence Shoppers at Your Retail Store

digital signage

Smart retailers have long known that adding signs throughout their store to advertise targeted products can increase sales. However, the most tech savvy also know that digital signage at the checkout can also impact consumer awareness and buying trends. Find out how much your store benefit from digital signage and how to effectively use it.

How Digital Signage Impacts Purchases

A Nielsen survey of consumers found that digital signage had a positive correlation to brand awareness and sales. In the study, four-fifths of the brands advertised on digital screens at the checkout area raised their sales by up to 33%. Therefore, if you have new products, premium brands, or goods with high profit margins that you want to highlight to consumers, using digital signs can raise your sales of those products. Plus, 62% of consumers in the stores had positive reactions to the digital advertisements they saw.

Where to Place Digital Signs in Your Store

You can use digital signs anywhere in your store. The study looked at the effectiveness of such signs at the point of sale, but you can spread them around. Put a sign at the entrance to alert customers of sales and specials. Or place signs next to highlighted merchandise.

With digital signs, you can do more than with statice posters. With basic images, consumers only see one side of the advertised products. However, digital signs let you show video commercials and multiple views showing the perks of a specific product. These methods of advertising in your store makes the ad experience more interesting and eye-catching.

Unspecified Benefits of Digital Signage

What you may not appreciate about digital signs is the ease of changing their content. Unlike paper posters that require physical labor to install, move, and remove, you only need to connect to the signs in your store from a tablet or other device. Then, you can change the signs to whatever you want and indicate what each sign will display. This ease of use makes digital signs a labor-saving device for your workers, letting them focus on providing great customer service.

Contact the Commercial Branch of Experience Audio Video Inc. to Get the Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Retail Store

To enjoy the perks of digital signs, you need professional installation of them. Contact our commercial sales division of Experience Audio Video Inc. to get digital signage for your store. Let us help you to see increases in sales that you never thought possible by having us install new digital signs into your store.





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How Digital Menus and Ordering Systems Can Save Your Restaurant Time and Money

digital menus

Enhancing your restaurant with digital menus and ordering systems is a smart move. In fact, you’ll find that many places within the industry from quick service to sit-down restaurants are integrating digital systems to save money and improve operations. What can these menus do for your business?

Allows Your Business to Become Adaptable to Changes

One example of a restaurant integrating digital menus into its operations successfully is Mooyah Burgers, Fries, & Shakes. This Plano-based chain of fast casual restaurants upgraded their customer experience from an indoor dining focus to adding a drive-thru and curbside pickup in response to the pandemic. Locations use digital menus in their drive-thrus to introduce local specialson the pre-sell board. They also display the full menu at the ordering board.

With these menu boards, they can advertise local specials based on customer preferences at the pre-sell board. Plus, on the order menu, they can quickly add seasonal items or make other changes to the menu.

Easy Advertising

With digital menus inside and outside your restaurant, you can show off your daily specials or other deals that you want to advertise to whet customers’ appetites even before they order. You can even integrate video into the digital menus to make the foods more enticing.

Know Exactly What You Want to Use Digital Menus for

One major hurdle for restaurants is upgrading to digital menu displays without a clear strategy of how to use them. Without knowing exactly how you will integrate them into your operations, you will fail to use them effectively, thus wasting time and money. Plan your digital menu use before you order. However, once you know what you want and how you will use it, you can unlock the perks of these adaptable menus that allow you to change your menu offerings quickly.

Connect with Experience Audio Video Inc. for Digital Menus in Your Restaurant

Plan your strategy first. Then, contact our commercial operations at Experience Audio Video Inc. to have your digital displays installed. These menus can boost profits by using them as advertising points. Save money by cutting the time required to change your menus when you make changes or updates to your offerings. With a clear plan and quality digital menus, you can improve your bottom line.





Security cameras

Security Cameras

Most people don’t think of robberies of their bar or restaurant and may neglect adequate coverage of security systems. However, your bar or restaurant still needs security cameras to protect your business from significant losses from often ignored methods. Reduce loss and improve your restaurant’s security with the installation of cameras in strategic places.

Reduce Slip-and-Fall Accident Liability

Since 1980, lawsuits around slip-and-fall accidents have soared more than 300%. In some cases, these lawsuits are genuinely due to the fault of the location they occurred in. However, too often, people try to fake such incidents, hoping that they can get a payout because the business does not have proof that it was not at fault.

You need video evidence of the incident to prove exactly what happened in cases of lawsuits or insurance payouts. Security footage can be the difference between winning or losing a lawsuit. Putting cameras around the dining area and in the kitchen can help to protect you from liability in these cases.

Prevent Employee Theft

You need to have cameras in the manager’s office, the bar, and at any registers around the restaurant. Employees are frequent sources of theft of cash from tills and tips. Even a few dollars will add up over time to major losses. Plus, an employee who steals may spread a culture of discontent within your staff. Stop the problem by getting evidence of the theft and using it to discipline the worker.

Stopping Time Theft

Another way that workers at restaurants may steal from your business is by not working their full shifts. They may have another employee clock in for them when they are not on the property. This practice means that you are paying workers for not showing up. This type of time theft requires more than word-of-mouth evidence. With security cameras at the entrances and exits, including the employee entrance, you can see exactly when workers arrive and leave.

Protect Your Restaurant’s Assets with Security Cameras Installed by Experience Audio Video Inc.

If your bar or restaurant doesn’t have security cameras, you are putting your business at high risk for loss from lawsuits or employee theft. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. in Orange County to have professional cameras installed to capture digital footage of your restaurant and get the evidence you need for reducing your risk.