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Does Your Restaurant Need Digital Signs Beyond Menu Displays?

Digital Signs

Most fast food restaurants equipment their counter service areas and drive throughs with digital menu boards. However, this is not the only use for digital signs at a restaurant. Quick serve, fast food, and sit-down restaurants can benefit from digital signs to advertise their social media accounts and specials.

Social Media and Restaurant Digital Signs

Give your guests links to your social media accounts while on site. They can make and read reviews and interact with your brand while waiting for their food or table. When diners can see your social media in your restaurant, including reviews, it shows that you are transparent about the experience of others. This transparency may help your staff to focus on providing the best service possible because reviews may appear on the social media displays on digital signs in real time.

Build Excitement for Diners Awaiting Tables

In sit-down restaurants, most places have a chalkboard with the special of the day. Instead of this handwritten board that may be difficult to see, replace it with a digital sign that can show off the specials based on time of day. You can effortlessly change the information to show off lunch, Happy Hour, or dinner specials with a preprogramed calendar.

Create a Positive First Impression

No matter the type of food you serve, first impressions make a difference in diners’ experiences. You want them to feel good about choosing your dining site when they walk inside. With digital signs, you set the tone of the experience with the display. Make sure to know your guests and show off the type of images they want to see. For instance, you may show images that promote your speed and specials at lunchtime when business people come in for fast lunches. At dinner, show off nightly specials or drinks to help guests relax.

Set Up Digital Signs in Your Restaurant with the Experts from Experience Audio Video Inc.

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conference room

Conference Room Technology for the Future You Can Have Today

conference room

Your conference room technology needs to be future-focused to ensure that your investment in it today won’t become an outdated waste in a year or two. The pandemic showed that office spaces must be flexible for sudden shifts to remote and hybrid working. As more offices offer remote working, at least part time, as an option, you need to have a conference room that will adapt to this trend.

Time-Saving Equipment

Today, up to 15% of the time in meetings goes toward setup of equipment for the session. Why keep wasting this much time when you can accomplish more during your conferences? Having equipment that quickly connects to computers, such as flip tops embedded in tables and other technological innovations to speed up the start of meetings.

One high-tech example of time-saving equipment is lighting settings connected to window shades. If your meeting room has a window that lets in sunlight, not having a cover for the window could produce a glare on your screen or cause distractions. With programmable lighting and window shades, you can set up a darkened space with the touch of a button that both dims the lights and lowers window shades. Instead of taking the time to manually close shades and turn off lights, you can accomplish the task in seconds.

Crystal Clear Displays in Your Conference Room

The clarity of conference room displays need to be crystal clear. All participants in the meeting must be able to see everything on the screen from any angle. LED projectors have become more affordable than they were in the past and produce clear displays from long-lasting equipment. Though the bulbs cost more to replace than standard projector bulbs, they last longer, making your investment a wiser choice for long-term use.

Crisp Audio

You never should have people unable to hear everything in the meeting room clearly. Poor audio wastes time. Good speakers are only part of having quality conference room audio, though. You must also have them placed strategically to ensure that every participant can hear the sound from them clearly.

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Boost Visitor Experience with Digital Signage in Your Hospitality Property

digital signage

Digital signage can do more than just display menus at restaurants. In fact, international hotels have improved their guests’ experiences by using digital signs throughout their properties. You can gain these perks, too, by embracing digital screens.

Create Brand Awareness Throughout the Property

While people know the name of their hotel during a stay, they may not have consistent awareness of the brand and what it represents. With digital signage near elevators and check-in areas, visitors can see videos and images displaying the positive attributes of the site.

Welcome videos and information about amenities on the property can make guests feel at home. Plus, they may learn about some of the site’s options that they didn’t know about. With digital signage, the ability to quickly change offerings, schedule videos and images to display at specific times, and provide guests with information makes these invaluable additions to any hospitality property.

Advertise Special Events on the Property

Guests cannot attend your manager’s dinners or weekend luaus on site if they don’t know about them. Use digital signs around your property to effortlessly advertise these events by scheduling when to show off specific ads on the signs. When guests have more awareness about these events, they will be more likely to attend and have better experiences while staying at your property.

Show Off Local Attractions Using Digital Signage

Putting recommended local attractions on your digital displays can help visitors to know what to do while in the area. These attractions may include local restaurants, events, or venues. Plus, with the flexibility of digital displays, you can have the screens change throughout the day. For instance, in the morning, show images and videos of local amusement parks or museums. Around dinner, display information about popular restaurants in the area.

Partner with Experience Audio Video Inc. for Commercial Digital Signage on Your Property

Take advantage of the benefits provided by digital signage for hospitality sites. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for professional installation and setup of signage throughout your property. We serve most of the Southern California area and have done so for more than 20 years. Trust us with your hotel’s promotional equipment by letting us install your digital signs.



Conference Room

Find Out How to Optimize Your Office Conference Room

Conference Room

Unproductive meetings drain workers of motivation and job satisfaction. Even worse, bad time management during meetings keeps workers from focusing on tasks that require uninterrupted quiet. With 71% of senior managers reporting that meetings are inefficient and unproductive, you must make major changes to get more from your conference time. The best way to start is to optimize your conference room for better productivity.

Climate Controls to Maintain Focus

When a room feels too hot or too cold, people inside can lose focus as they try to think of ways to become more comfortable. Automatic climate controls that maintain the temperature inside the meeting space reduce the chances of distractions caused by discomfort. Plus, with systems connected to simple controls, you can make adjustments to the setting for the meeting room quickly, if necessary.

Quick Connect Flip Tops to Save Set-Up Time

Time spent finding connections for laptops to the projection or audio system wastes precious time in the meeting. Flip tops are connection sites located right on the conference table. These hubs have multiple options for connections, including ethernet, audio, video, and power.

If you want to allow multiple devices to charge during a meeting without using extension cords, you can choose to have several power flip tops integrated into the table. These options make setting up laptops for presenters and participants fast and simple.

Professionally Installed Audio and Video that Will Work When You Need It In Your Conference Room

Don’t try to install the projectors, screens, and audio in your conference room yourself. Professional installation ensures that everything is properly put into place, powered, and connected correctly. This professional installation also can come with setting up remote controls for audio and video systems to make operating these key components of meeting spaces simple.

Make Meetings Productive Again with Upgrades to Your Conference Room from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Your business needs to trust a company with a record of success in installing high-tech solutions for conference room productivity. Experience Audio Video Inc. has more than 20 years of installing equipment into commercial buildings and homes in the Southern California region. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions have for your conference room.