You know that its essential for your employees to collaborate on new ideas, but do you give them the physical space to do so?

Collaboration won’t just happen through your email network, chat interface, or over the phone; for success, you’ll want employees to be able to work out their ideas in real-time and in-person. That’s where a huddle space can help facilitate teamwork.

Unlike a traditional conference room, your commercial office’s huddle space should be dedicated to employee collaboration and should be comfortable and inviting enough to support the growth of new ideas. If you’re trying to encourage employees to become a closer-knit team, consider these four additional benefits of a common huddle space.

  1. Open Office Privacy

If your commercial office layout is open, your employees won’t always have the privacy or space to focus on smaller projects together; imagine trying to hold a board meeting at Starbucks! A huddle room or rooms is a space where small groups of employees can get together to hash out ideas without the distractions of others.

  1. Digital Display Options

Why crowd everyone around one computer screen at your desk or lose the intimacy of your small group in a large conference room? A huddle space should have a digital display so your employees can share their ideas with the click of a button, and other elements like a whiteboard to facilitate spontaneous idea generation.

  1. Less Scheduling

With several huddle spaces in your office, employees won’t need to worry about booking a busy conference room in order to have a quick brainstorming session.

  1. Cost-Effective

Outfitting a conference room can be a significant expense, as you’re creating a space that will be suitable for everything from board meetings to client presentations. Often, that means that conference rooms are larger and more formal – meaning more expense. Because huddle rooms are a fraction of the size of traditional conference rooms, you can actually add several to your space for less than the cost of one new conference room.

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