Providing your staff with the right spaces to collaborate in will increase their productivity and engagement with each project. That’s why huddle spaces have become such an attractive alternative to using conference and meeting rooms for intimate group ideation, particularly for commercial offices that have embraced an open office environment.

But for your commercial office’s huddle spaces to function as they should for employees, you’ll have to have the right audio-video equipment. That way, employees in California can strategize with contractors or clients around the world seamlessly and immediately. These are five essential audio-visual system components that your huddle space must have.

The Right Plugs

Your huddle space needs to have enough outlets for employees to plug their devices into, but you also want it to be easy for them to connect to any digital components immediately. Have cords available for different styles of connections to ensure that everyone has access.

Strong Microphones

When collaboration is necessary, all of your employees need to be able to hear each other, and the microphone on a headset or laptop won’t be strong enough for a crystal-clear connection. With a powerful microphone installed in huddle spaces, communication will happen faster and be more effective.

Appropriate-Sized Displays

Because huddle spaces are typically smaller than conference rooms, you don’t need a giant display screen that dominates the area. A high-quality screen large enough for everyone in the room to see from a comfortable distance is all you need.

Adjustable Temperature and Lighting

Employees should be able to adjust temperature and lighting in huddle spaces in a way that makes them the most comfortable. When you sync your commercial office’s various systems into one hub, they can make any adjustments needed with just the touch of a button.

Immediate Access

The worst thing you can do for employees is to stop their momentum in the middle of a productive session. All audio and video distribution components in your huddle spaces should be ready to go all times of the day and should be easy to get started.

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