What office manager or facilities director isn’t looking to cut down on utility bills? No matter the size of your commercial office, lights have to be on, computers and phones plugged in, and everything from fridges to air conditioning may stay on around the clock.

So why not cut out some of those costs while also making your life easier?

With a controlled lighting system, you no longer have to worry about what lights are on, or if anyone is using them. And automating your lighting won’t only save on your utility bills, it will also help you make your space more environmentally-friendly. How will this system help improve your commercial space?

Take Advantage of Incentives

On the simplest level, you’ll use less electricity with a controlled lighting system. You’ll be able to set timers to turn lights off at the end of the day, turn them on in the morning, and with automatic lighting, you can make sure empty offices aren’t eating up your power.

The even better news? The government wants to give you money back for making these changes. There are a number of incentives offered to commercial buildings willing to make eco-friendly upgrades.

Anywhere Access

When you have a controlled lighting system, you can access it from anywhere, meaning you never have to worry about something being left on all weekend.

Even Better Security

To help keep your office secure, install motion sensors indoors and out near vulnerable points of ingress. You won’t have to worry about replacing these lights often since they’ll have minimal use, but you’ll also know if someone is where they shouldn’t be. 



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