There are going to be a lot of new rules that we are going to have to follow in order to open our office doors and try to find a new normal after COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of states and countries are opening up and letting their people go back to work in and a normal life in stages. Some businesses were able to stay open, but have their employees work from home, and now they are trying to transition going back to the office everyday. 


We are already use to the new social norms, behaviors and habits that we have had to deal with in grocery stores and everyday life. Thankfully because of the lock down and the concern for the spread of COVID-19 a lot of interactions have become “touchless”. You can buy groceries, order food, buy a car, etc. all from your smart phone.


When opening up your business you might have to change the way you conduct your meetings and change some of your technology in your meeting rooms or conference rooms. We don’t want to stop the collaboration of your employees, but it will need to evolve to meet the guidelines for opening your office. With Crestron AirMedia you could be covered as it is a wireless presentation platform, meaning it will enable your employees to bring their own personal devices into the meeting room and share content.


Crestron has a great blog post, Getting Back to Work Post COVID19 – Touchless Collaborative Meetings, that tells you all about their AirMedia and how it could be useful to your office. 


Let Commercial Audio Video Installation Orange County help you get your conference or meeting room set up for you to get your business back to normal. 





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