Because of the coronavirus many people who were used to getting up, getting dressed and going into the office. Now we are creating a new normal by getting up and going to our makeshift offices in our living rooms with children running around screaming and interrupting our conference calls. It’s not just one state or even one country. It’s happening all around the world right now.

Companies and organizations have begun setting up a system for remote (work-from-home) opportunities and arrangements for their new normal, perhaps more companies will follow, and we will have a new normal all around. By setting up a work-from-home system companies are saving money for their businesses. 

Not all companies can set up a remote system and that is because their company has to have interactions or experiences as that is part of their service. Unfortunately, these companies will have to get creative in providing their services to their customers.

Technology is essential to be an enabler of this new reality and it is going to have reach certain requirements to keep up with the companies that are going full work-from-home. There are some companies like Lifesize who are making it easier for companies to set up their remote opportunities. 

With Lifesize they believe that with the new way of working one thing shouldn’t get compromised and that is security and privacy. Companies will still have to prioritize protecting customer data and communications. Lifesize has stated, “At Lifesize, we will rise to the challenge, adjust our business and product roadmap accordingly, and look forward to supporting our customers through this brave new era of work.”

You can read Lifesize’s full blog post, Beyond the Tipping Point: The Future is Not Just Work From Home, It’s ‘Work From Everywhere’, by following this link.


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