Everyone is used to in-person team building exercises. Team building is the procedure of turning a group of individual employees into an interconnected team. A team is a group of people organized to work together interdependently and supportively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing their purpose or goals. Team building helps bond employees.

Due to coronavirus and everyone having to work from home at this moment, team members are having to connect remotely. Companies are having to get creative with virtual team building activities so their employees can still get close to each other and build a team cohesiveness.

Thankfully there are virtual games and activities that your team may find enjoyable and help them connect and get to know one another. A lot of the video conferencing tools make it easy to connect to the virtual events.

Here are some virtual team building activities:


Because everyone got quarantined a lot of physical card games were transferred to digital card games. You can get your team together and play Cards Against Humanity or Uno.


Just because you can’t have lunch together physically doesn’t mean you can’t have lunch with your team. You could set up a virtual lunch with your team and you could also provide lunch for everyone so they could be eating the same thing.


A normal way that in-person teams used to bond was by going to happy hour after work. This is something you can do virtually. You can even add virtual backgrounds.


Because you will not be able to actually hide items for your team to find physically you can create a list of items they have to find in their homes. 


Lifesize has a blog called, Our 15 Favorite Virtual Team-Building Activities to Boost Remote Team Cohesiveness. This blog has a lot of different ideas for virtual team building activities that you can use for your company.


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