Comparing video conferencing before and after the pandemic shows a dramatic increase in remote meetings of 50%. With remote work and video conferencing the norm, making your setup more professional both at home and in the office is essential for putting forth a good presentation. The keys to both lie in the setup that you have and how you use the video conferencing system.

Better Video Conferencing from Home

At home, make sure to have a quiet place where you will not have interruptions. If you have family members, close the door and place a sign on the door to let them know that you cannot be disturbed.

Dress for the video meeting the same as you would if you were to go to the office. Presentation matters in video conferences just as much as it does when attending in-person meetings.

Next, always keep yourself on mute unless you are speaking. Even if you stay quiet, keeping your microphone active can cause interference with the speaker’s audio.

Make sure that the lighting and background are appropriate for your meeting. Don’t sit in the dark during the meeting. However, also, don’t use lighting that is so intense that it casts sharp shadows. Choose a light source that illuminates your face. Also, make sure that your background is as professional as your office workspace would be.

Put your full attention in the meeting. Therefore, look directly at the camera, stay off your phone, and don’t use your computer for anything other than the meeting during the conference. 

More Professional Video Conferencing from the Office

When conducting a meeting from the conference room at the office, you should likewise have a good setup. If you need to upgrade the audio or video arrangement of the conference room, do it before beginning a major meeting.

Just as the lighting and backgrounds at home are important, they are also vital to set for a meeting from the office. Lighting, sound systems, audio, and other settings from professional A/V companies can make your office-based video conferencing sessions more professional.

Have a Quality Video Conference Room Setup with Help from Experience Audio Video in Orange County

When you want to put your best foot forward for your video conferencing meetings, pay attention to your setup. For your workplace, contact our commercial services at Experience Audio Video in Orange County by phoning our office at (714) 744-4455. We can help you to upgrade your conference room for remote and in-person meetings that are professional.


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