Are your patrons getting all of the information about your commercial bar that they should be?

With digital signage, you can keep both your employees and customers up-to-date on scheduled events, select notifications, and promotional opportunities. Create your own content to engage patrons while they drink and keep them around longer.

But beyond content related to your business, you can also use digital signage to boost your revenue with advertising dollars. With this kind of setup, you’ll work with a third-party advertising company to display ads on your digital signage. The downside of these advertising platforms is that you often won’t be able to control the content, which means your customers may not find them interesting.

Sticking with either of these methods exclusively can mean sacrificing your ability to keep everyone up to date. If you only have advertising on your digital signage, people may grow bored and ignore your signage altogether. But if you just have your own content, you’ll have to keep it updated regularly.

The ideal setup is typically to have a combination of advertising and business content, giving your customers relevant information promptly. You don’t have to spend as much time devising and uploading content, and you’ll have a fresh selection of advertising that helps promote other local spaces.

Finally, remember that you’re giving your customers something to look at other than their phones. TV stations and preferences vary, so giving people a new object to look at means they’ll stay happier longer. Use that to your advantage, and see greater success.

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