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How to Make the Most of Digital Signs in Your Full-Service Restaurant

Your full-service restaurant has to compete with screens daily. Why not use screens in your restaurant instead of fighting against them by implementing digital signs throughout your facility? Consider the following unexpected uses for digital displays that can improve operations and your bottom line.

Digital Signs Can Support Employee Training and Operations

Back-of-house workers can have training support through digital signage placed strategically in operations areas. These signs can remind them of safety and operations procedures. Interactive screens can give them instructions on specifics, such as ideal storage temperatures for certain foods, cooking temperatures for entrees, and plating samples. These can help new employees learn the ropes more quickly and accurately by providing them with a nearby reference to turn to whenever they have questions.

Waiting Area Signs to Promote Daily and Seasonal Specials

The pandemic changed many things in the restaurant industry. Among the most significant was the number of people ordering by phone or online and picking up their orders at the restaurant. Among those who had not gone to a site to pick up their order before April 2020, 53% reported choosing carryout options after that date.

Take advantage of the situation of people visiting your restaurant in person, even if they don’t dine in. Place digital signage in the waiting areas and online order pickup locations to promote seasonal and daily specials. These signs build brand awareness while enticing the visitor to return to try the advertised items. 

Build Brand Awareness with Digital Signs

Brand awareness is important because you want people to think about your restaurant by name when they want to go somewhere to eat or need to provide a recommendation to someone else. Digital signs let you display your restaurant’s name, coloring, logo, and voice to a large audience through your digital menus or signage. The more often customers see this information, the more they will remember your name and brand.

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Upgrade your restaurant with digital signs throughout the facility, from the back of the house to the front. In Southern California, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to get top-quality digital signs, video displays, audio, and more for your restaurant. See for yourself how new digital screens make your restaurant operate more smoothly.



Digital Signs

Does Your Restaurant Need Digital Signs Beyond Menu Displays?

Digital Signs

Most fast food restaurants equipment their counter service areas and drive throughs with digital menu boards. However, this is not the only use for digital signs at a restaurant. Quick serve, fast food, and sit-down restaurants can benefit from digital signs to advertise their social media accounts and specials.

Social Media and Restaurant Digital Signs

Give your guests links to your social media accounts while on site. They can make and read reviews and interact with your brand while waiting for their food or table. When diners can see your social media in your restaurant, including reviews, it shows that you are transparent about the experience of others. This transparency may help your staff to focus on providing the best service possible because reviews may appear on the social media displays on digital signs in real time.

Build Excitement for Diners Awaiting Tables

In sit-down restaurants, most places have a chalkboard with the special of the day. Instead of this handwritten board that may be difficult to see, replace it with a digital sign that can show off the specials based on time of day. You can effortlessly change the information to show off lunch, Happy Hour, or dinner specials with a preprogramed calendar.

Create a Positive First Impression

No matter the type of food you serve, first impressions make a difference in diners’ experiences. You want them to feel good about choosing your dining site when they walk inside. With digital signs, you set the tone of the experience with the display. Make sure to know your guests and show off the type of images they want to see. For instance, you may show images that promote your speed and specials at lunchtime when business people come in for fast lunches. At dinner, show off nightly specials or drinks to help guests relax.

Set Up Digital Signs in Your Restaurant with the Experts from Experience Audio Video Inc.

In Southern California, Experience Audio Video Inc. has served businesses in providing them with the video displays they need to improve their operations. Among these displays are digital signs for restaurants. Set up your restaurant for success by contacting our commercial services at Experience Audio Video Inc.




Boost Visitor Experience with Digital Signage in Your Hospitality Property

digital signage

Digital signage can do more than just display menus at restaurants. In fact, international hotels have improved their guests’ experiences by using digital signs throughout their properties. You can gain these perks, too, by embracing digital screens.

Create Brand Awareness Throughout the Property

While people know the name of their hotel during a stay, they may not have consistent awareness of the brand and what it represents. With digital signage near elevators and check-in areas, visitors can see videos and images displaying the positive attributes of the site.

Welcome videos and information about amenities on the property can make guests feel at home. Plus, they may learn about some of the site’s options that they didn’t know about. With digital signage, the ability to quickly change offerings, schedule videos and images to display at specific times, and provide guests with information makes these invaluable additions to any hospitality property.

Advertise Special Events on the Property

Guests cannot attend your manager’s dinners or weekend luaus on site if they don’t know about them. Use digital signs around your property to effortlessly advertise these events by scheduling when to show off specific ads on the signs. When guests have more awareness about these events, they will be more likely to attend and have better experiences while staying at your property.

Show Off Local Attractions Using Digital Signage

Putting recommended local attractions on your digital displays can help visitors to know what to do while in the area. These attractions may include local restaurants, events, or venues. Plus, with the flexibility of digital displays, you can have the screens change throughout the day. For instance, in the morning, show images and videos of local amusement parks or museums. Around dinner, display information about popular restaurants in the area.

Partner with Experience Audio Video Inc. for Commercial Digital Signage on Your Property

Take advantage of the benefits provided by digital signage for hospitality sites. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for professional installation and setup of signage throughout your property. We serve most of the Southern California area and have done so for more than 20 years. Trust us with your hotel’s promotional equipment by letting us install your digital signs.



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Take Advantage of Digital Signs and Video to Influence Shoppers at Your Retail Store

digital signage

Smart retailers have long known that adding signs throughout their store to advertise targeted products can increase sales. However, the most tech savvy also know that digital signage at the checkout can also impact consumer awareness and buying trends. Find out how much your store benefit from digital signage and how to effectively use it.

How Digital Signage Impacts Purchases

A Nielsen survey of consumers found that digital signage had a positive correlation to brand awareness and sales. In the study, four-fifths of the brands advertised on digital screens at the checkout area raised their sales by up to 33%. Therefore, if you have new products, premium brands, or goods with high profit margins that you want to highlight to consumers, using digital signs can raise your sales of those products. Plus, 62% of consumers in the stores had positive reactions to the digital advertisements they saw.

Where to Place Digital Signs in Your Store

You can use digital signs anywhere in your store. The study looked at the effectiveness of such signs at the point of sale, but you can spread them around. Put a sign at the entrance to alert customers of sales and specials. Or place signs next to highlighted merchandise.

With digital signs, you can do more than with statice posters. With basic images, consumers only see one side of the advertised products. However, digital signs let you show video commercials and multiple views showing the perks of a specific product. These methods of advertising in your store makes the ad experience more interesting and eye-catching.

Unspecified Benefits of Digital Signage

What you may not appreciate about digital signs is the ease of changing their content. Unlike paper posters that require physical labor to install, move, and remove, you only need to connect to the signs in your store from a tablet or other device. Then, you can change the signs to whatever you want and indicate what each sign will display. This ease of use makes digital signs a labor-saving device for your workers, letting them focus on providing great customer service.

Contact the Commercial Branch of Experience Audio Video Inc. to Get the Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Retail Store

To enjoy the perks of digital signs, you need professional installation of them. Contact our commercial sales division of Experience Audio Video Inc. to get digital signage for your store. Let us help you to see increases in sales that you never thought possible by having us install new digital signs into your store.





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How Digital Menus and Ordering Systems Can Save Your Restaurant Time and Money

digital menus

Enhancing your restaurant with digital menus and ordering systems is a smart move. In fact, you’ll find that many places within the industry from quick service to sit-down restaurants are integrating digital systems to save money and improve operations. What can these menus do for your business?

Allows Your Business to Become Adaptable to Changes

One example of a restaurant integrating digital menus into its operations successfully is Mooyah Burgers, Fries, & Shakes. This Plano-based chain of fast casual restaurants upgraded their customer experience from an indoor dining focus to adding a drive-thru and curbside pickup in response to the pandemic. Locations use digital menus in their drive-thrus to introduce local specialson the pre-sell board. They also display the full menu at the ordering board.

With these menu boards, they can advertise local specials based on customer preferences at the pre-sell board. Plus, on the order menu, they can quickly add seasonal items or make other changes to the menu.

Easy Advertising

With digital menus inside and outside your restaurant, you can show off your daily specials or other deals that you want to advertise to whet customers’ appetites even before they order. You can even integrate video into the digital menus to make the foods more enticing.

Know Exactly What You Want to Use Digital Menus for

One major hurdle for restaurants is upgrading to digital menu displays without a clear strategy of how to use them. Without knowing exactly how you will integrate them into your operations, you will fail to use them effectively, thus wasting time and money. Plan your digital menu use before you order. However, once you know what you want and how you will use it, you can unlock the perks of these adaptable menus that allow you to change your menu offerings quickly.

Connect with Experience Audio Video Inc. for Digital Menus in Your Restaurant

Plan your strategy first. Then, contact our commercial operations at Experience Audio Video Inc. to have your digital displays installed. These menus can boost profits by using them as advertising points. Save money by cutting the time required to change your menus when you make changes or updates to your offerings. With a clear plan and quality digital menus, you can improve your bottom line.





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Benefits of Digital Menu Displays at Restaurants and Fast Food Spots

Upgrade your restaurant with digital menu displays. You’ll improve sales and make your managers’ lives easier because they don’t have to manually change menus as your restaurant switches from breakfast to lunch or from lunch to dinner offerings. Find out more about the benefits of including digital menus and how you can see a return on your investment in this technology.

Show Specials at a Moment’s Notice

You don’t have to wait for posters to get printed when you want to showcase special deals, meal options, or events. Simply upload the images of the items and information onto the digital menu displays. You can also choose which displays to have the specials on them, so you don’t need to sacrifice screens outlining menu offerings to show off special deals.

Reduce Time Needed to Change the Menu

With digital displays, you control the content from a computer or tablet. Therefore, changing the displays is simple and requires much less time than replacing posters or stacks of paper menus. If you have static menus written on boards, someone needs to rewrite the information those when prices shift or menu options change. With digital menus, no one has to climb a ladder to make changes to the menu data.

Influence Customers to Try New Items

Digital menu displays have a strong influence on customers. In fact, customers carefully look over the digital displays and nearly 30% report the information on those menus as influencing their choices. If you want to get customers to try a new item or promote a high-profit option, use the digital displays to your advantage.

Increase Sales

On average, the sales of restaurants that integrate digital menus increase up to 5%. This rise in sales will eventually produce a return on your investment in the new menus. Depending on your current sales, the amount of increase you could see in dollars could be in the range of tens of thousands or more.

Get Professional Digital Menu Displays for Your Restaurant from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Getting digital menu displays for your restaurant requires professional consultation to find the right screens and have them correctly installed. The screens should stand up to the rigors of your restaurant’s daily operations and still remain clear and easy to read. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we’re experts in all forms of sound and sight producing equipment for businesses. Let us help you to find the best displays for your menus and install them in your restaurant. You can begin to see the perks once you start using the digital displays.

To get started with upgrading your restaurant menus, contact us today at the commercial site for Experience Audio Video Inc.




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Upgrade to Digital Signage for Your Bar

As of 2021, the bar and nightclub industry had a $25.1 billion market with an expected growth of 25.2%. Consequently, if you own a bar, you need to make your venue stand out from others by catering to the changing tastes of patrons. For 2021 and beyond, alcohol consumption is on the rise, putting your bar in a prime position for growth. Use digital signage to make your newest drinks known and to advertise old favorites to a new demographic of bar patrons.

Why Use Digital Signage in a Bar

Adding digital signage makes the notifications easier to see in the dimmer lighting frequently used in bars. For instance, you can’t promote drink specials written on a chalkboard if your patrons cannot see the board. Digital signs in your bar stand out with their bright screens that you can adjust as needed.

Plus, you can add images, audio, and video. You can even create slideshows of promotions that you want to show to your patrons.

What to Advertise on Your Digital Signs

Digital signage basically takes a screen and displays the images you tell it from a tablet or computer. In this sense, a digital sign is a way to display the contents of files showcasing your drinks. The things that you advertise are up to your imagination.

How Else You Can Use Digital Signage in Your Bar

One simple way to use the signs is the same way that you would a chalkboard where you write daily specials. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to only this use. The digital signs in your bar can help you to advertise drink specials, notify guests about happy hour deals, showcase live events, or promote specific drink brands. With the option to include moving images, slideshows, still images, or audio, your digital sign screens become easy-to-change advertising sites in your bar.

Contact Our Commercial Division at Experience Audio Video Inc. for Professionally Installed Digital Signage for Your Bar

If you want the convenience of changing the information on your bar’s signs through an app and the benefits of making quick changes, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Our commercial division works specifically with venues like yours to get high-quality signage, audio system, and much more installed. Your customers will have a better experience and you can encourage sales of new drinks with digital signs. Start your bar upgrade today.




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Make the Most of Your Business Communications with Digital Signs

Your business needs to keep up with changes at any time. Consumers can find out instantly about your daily specials, flash sales, seasonal deals, and more through digital signage. Whether you have a counter service restaurant or a retail store, you can benefit from the flexibility of digital signs.

Benefits of Digital Signs

Digital signs do much more than static signs can in your business. By showing changing images, they draw the attention of your customers. In fact, digital signage is so effective that it could boost sales by 30%. Using these signs can increase your sales if you take advantage of their distinctive features.

Digital Signage Features to Use

When installing digital signage in your business, don’t make it a digital version of static signs. Change the information to match your customer base. For instance, if you have a restaurant, showcase lunch specials during the lunch rush and dinner specials later in the day. You could also make your customers aware of new dishes with your signs, changing the images to create a slideshow or videos of new or featured foods.

In retail, you can use similar tactics to make customers more aware of sales or new arrivals. Make sure to customize your digital signage to your target audience, which will often change throughout the day and week.

Retail, Restaurant, or Office – Any Business Can Use Digital Signage

Don’t limit the use of digital signs to only stores and restaurants. In fact, large offices can use digital signage to convey information to visitors and employees. For instance, visitors can use interactive maps on signs to find their destinations and workers can learn about news around the office.

Upgrade to Digital Signs with Help from Experience Audio Video Inc. Commercial Services

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we help businesses to achieve their AV goals. Contact us to see samples of some of the digital signage we’ve installed for other companies. You can also find out how we can help you to upgrade to this form of innovative, sales-driving signage that will draw more attention.





Digital Signage Box

A digital signage player is a small, physical device that extracts content to a TV, monitor, or other digital display. A digital signage player is a crucial part of any digital signage system. Digital signage players come with a variety of features. These features include support for multiple content formats, built-in security, multi-screen support and internet connectivity. 

Hikvision has created a new digital signage box because of today’s need for social distancing and customer safety. The box can display important information provided by Hikvision products such as:

  • People Counting – Displays the number of people that have entered and people who can still enter. Provides alerts when the maximum number of people are detected to ensure social distancing criteria. 
  • Mask Detection – When a customer without a mask is detected, a customized text notification will pop up.
  • Temperature Screening – An image from our highly accurate skin-temperature screening cameras with a temperature detection reading displayed.

Additionally, information such as advertising pictures or videos can also be displayed in a loop. Hikvision’s digital signage box comes with free software to set up and manage your display(s). The software can support up to 50 channels of digital signage.


The Hikvision digital signage player provides multiple security features. A few of the features are; three-level verification of materials, programs and schedules to avoid incorrect releases, and encryption of data storage and transmission to prevent data tampering view temperature results on a local monitoring screen for quick identification. 


The player also features multi-level user permissions and organization features that allow for materials, programs, terminals and users to be managed from one central location. It will also support:

  • Static and dynamic materials, including applications, pictures, audio, video, PDF, streaming media, web pages, live video, third-party data, and more.
  • Variable display modes, such as display by day, display by week, custom display, and more. Remote control and management of one or more screens, including timed startup/shutdown, timed brightness/volume and screenshot previewing.
  •  Five-level organization for the management of materials, programs, terminals, and users
  • Creation of custom users and allocation of user permissions according to user levels.
  • Remote control and 433 MHz wireless communication that enables control over the information distribution box in any direction.



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How to Improve Your Customers' Experiences at Your Restaurant Through Digital Signage

When your restaurant customers arrive, don't let them imagine what your food looks like. You can do more than give them static images on a menu, too. Through digital signage, you can readily display specials, featured items, and daily dishes with high-definition quality in video format.

Protect Your Employees From Chalk Dust

Forget about the old method that required a worker to write the daily specials or soup of the day on a chalkboard. Customers would not always notice these as they walk to their tables, nor would they know what they were ordering if they chose one. Putting your specials on digital menus lets you get rid of the dusty chalkboard and update the menu based regularly and effortlessly.

Through digital signage or menus, you can show your customers what your specials look like. Additionally, changes to the featured dishes can happen in moments, letting you customize the digital signs or menus your customers see based on when they visit your restaurant.

When your customers see the specials in high definition, they may be more likely to choose those dishes. You can increase sales of higher-priced dishes and boost your bottom line while improving your customers' satisfactions of your restaurant. But this isn't the only thing HD screens can do for your restaurant.

Provide Patrons a Place to Relax for the Game

For casual dining locations, you can install HD televisions around to show a variety of sporting events. If you still have small-screen CRT TVs hanging from your bar's ceiling, get rid of those to give your customers a better experience. HD televisions bring the game to them in realistic details. This small service you provide to your customers will keep them coming back for watch parties.

Set Yourself Ahead of the Rest

Your guests don't have to have a dull restaurant experience. Bring them better visuals of the food they will try and offer them ways to relax. Through digital signage and HD TVs, you can potentially increase sales of specials and make your customers want to return. For more information on how to integrate digital screens into your restaurant, phone us at Experience Audio Video in Orange County at (714) 744-4455.