If you want to keep your commercial workspace attractive to both clients and staff, it’s crucial that you stay on top of trends in the audio-visual world. But when it comes to this technology, what was once cutting-edge can quickly become old news.

In order to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your company’s audio-visual technology, it’s important to keep it updated regularly so that both your office’s productivity and bottom line are always maximized.

What trends do you need to be aware of in the coming years?

Go Big

Thanks to cost-effective projectors and dropping prices of TV display screens, companies can now wow their clients with video walls and other immersive displays. Whether you use these to create a “living” artwork or as a place to share information with everyone who walks through the door, using a video wall will grab and hold their attention.

AV and IT

Nowadays it is impossible to separate out your company’s audio-visual and IT departments. Because most modern AV technology utilizes and works with the same equipment and functions that your IT department handles, it’s crucial that your staff is always ready to solve problems. Have your IT staff attend training with AV installers and find ways to make sure that they know how to troubleshoot common issues.

Purpose-First Design

More and more companies are allowing the design of huddle spaces and other common areas to be driven by their purpose rather than aesthetics. Consider your AV needs first when planning out these areas and you’ll design a space that serves its purpose for collaboration and project management.

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