When you want to protect your commercial office facility, all you need to do is hang some security cameras, right?


A comprehensive security system will include security cameras, but how those cameras work and where the information they gather is shared are what will really affect how secure your office space is.

Ultimately, the cameras you choose will depend on your needs and the safety concerns of your location, as well as on other factors like price. But if you want to be fully informed about what your commercial office cameras are doing and why, this guide is for you.

  • Weatherproof: Are your cameras going to be installed outside? Even if they are protected by overhangs or awnings, you’ll need cameras that can stand up to the weather for the long-term.
  • Vandal-proof: If your security camera is in easy reach, you run the risk of it being vandalized rather than it adding safety. Hard cases can help protect your cameras from vandalism and the weather.
  • Zoom: Standard analog security cameras will only allow you to see whatever enters the frame at a given time, and even then resolution can be low. Newer camera technology that uses megapixels can help make your view clearer.
  • Night light: Chances are your cameras are most needed at night when your office is empty – but what good is a camera that looks into darkness? Infrared-capable cameras can help you see what’s happening in the dark without needing any lighting at all.
  • Remote monitoring: You don’t want to know that your security cameras picked up a safety concern after the fact, so remote viewing helps keep employees and staff safe and alert at all times. Know when someone enters the office after hours, and always be able to check in on important documents and valuables.

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