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Security Cameras and Other Best Practices for Keeping Your Business Secure

Physical security threats to businesses are increasing, not decreasing. A survey of security and business leaders found that 88% of them experienced rising security threats in their operations. Don’t keep your business, workers, or inventory unsecured. Installing security cameras is one part of a multifaceted security plan to protect your business and everything in it.

Security Cameras Throughout Your Business

First, you must make certain that you have clear surveillance of your entire property, inside and out. Professionally installed security cameras with remote monitoring via an app ensure that you can watch out for trouble before it develops. These cameras can also provide valuable evidence to police if something does happen. Employers have even used security cameras to settle disputes between workers or between customers and employees by reviewing what happened in the video.

Security Personnel to Respond to Issues

A security guard to patrol your business after hours is a good deterrent to crime. They can also carry a tablet and monitor security cameras on their patrol routes. If they see something on the camera, they will already be moving to respond to the issue faster than if they were sitting in a control room. By responding to suspicious people on the premises, they may prevent crimes from happening before they occur.

Use Secure Entry into Protected Areas

Card-readers to open electronic locks instead of key-operated locks allow only authorized personnel to enter certain areas of your business. This method is ideal to keep locations that hold private information secure. For example, in a medical office, the location that stores patient information needs protection from unauthorized personnel to reduce the chances of data breaches. High-priced inventory items may go in a special storage area behind a locked door to reduce the chances of employee theft.

Start Securing Your Business with Help from Experience Audio Video Inc. and Professionally Installed Security Cameras

Don’t leave your business unsecured any longer. Start your security plan by contacting us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to get commercial-grade security cameras professionally installed on your property. These cameras and other best practices for securing your property can reduce your chances of experiencing crimes on your property.




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Enhance Employee Feelings of Safety with Security Cameras

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After spending so much time working remotely from home, employees have different demands in the offices they return to. They need to feel a similar sense of safety and security that they had when working from home. Installing security cameras and implementing policies that protect workers can go a long way toward providing workers with a comfortable environment.

Improving a Feeling of Safety

Safety is one thing workers should always have no matter where they work. However, the concern for safety has changed from injuries on the job to including illnesses contracted on the job. Have plans in place to determine what your workers should do if several people call out for the flu or other illness. Also, decide how workers can protect themselves from catching or spreading diseases, especially if they interact with customers.

Feeling More Secure

Security typically involves protecting people's physical safety and their property. Installing security cameras in your office can accomplish both and reassure your workers. These cameras can connect to an app on a phone or other device, so you can check on them at any time or have the cameras alert you of unexpected movement.

With such innovations in modern commercial security cameras, you don’t need to have a security guard with only the job of watching the camera monitors. Instead, your security guard can have footage of the cameras sent to his phone or tablet while they walk around the building checking on people and providing a physical presence to deter crime.

Have Professional Installation of Security Cameras

The cameras you buy online and install yourself cannot match the professional grade of those options expertly installed. In fact, there are many top brands of cameras you cannot get yourself. For example, you must go through an approved dealer to get Crestron brand products for your office. Experience Audio Video Inc. is an approved dealer for many brands, including Crestron, of office audio and video equipment. We can get the brands of equipment you trust and install them with experts in the field.

Give Workers a Feeling of Greater Security with Security Cameras Installed in Your Office

Don’t wait until a crime occurs on your property. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for commercial-grade security camera installation and setup. You’ll give your workers the sense of security that they need to feel more comfortable returning to the office while you make your workplace a safer place for everyone.




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Security Cameras

Most people don’t think of robberies of their bar or restaurant and may neglect adequate coverage of security systems. However, your bar or restaurant still needs security cameras to protect your business from significant losses from often ignored methods. Reduce loss and improve your restaurant’s security with the installation of cameras in strategic places.

Reduce Slip-and-Fall Accident Liability

Since 1980, lawsuits around slip-and-fall accidents have soared more than 300%. In some cases, these lawsuits are genuinely due to the fault of the location they occurred in. However, too often, people try to fake such incidents, hoping that they can get a payout because the business does not have proof that it was not at fault.

You need video evidence of the incident to prove exactly what happened in cases of lawsuits or insurance payouts. Security footage can be the difference between winning or losing a lawsuit. Putting cameras around the dining area and in the kitchen can help to protect you from liability in these cases.

Prevent Employee Theft

You need to have cameras in the manager’s office, the bar, and at any registers around the restaurant. Employees are frequent sources of theft of cash from tills and tips. Even a few dollars will add up over time to major losses. Plus, an employee who steals may spread a culture of discontent within your staff. Stop the problem by getting evidence of the theft and using it to discipline the worker.

Stopping Time Theft

Another way that workers at restaurants may steal from your business is by not working their full shifts. They may have another employee clock in for them when they are not on the property. This practice means that you are paying workers for not showing up. This type of time theft requires more than word-of-mouth evidence. With security cameras at the entrances and exits, including the employee entrance, you can see exactly when workers arrive and leave.

Protect Your Restaurant’s Assets with Security Cameras Installed by Experience Audio Video Inc.

If your bar or restaurant doesn’t have security cameras, you are putting your business at high risk for loss from lawsuits or employee theft. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. in Orange County to have professional cameras installed to capture digital footage of your restaurant and get the evidence you need for reducing your risk.





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Benefits of High-Quality Security Cameras for Your Business

While most employers want to trust their employees, the truth is that many cannot. Whether you put complete trust or not in your staff, you should still take steps to secure your company’s property. Whether you have an office building or a retail store, you need high-quality security cameras to dissuade crime and to find the culprits if your business has experienced theft.

The Problem of Theft in Businesses

Across the country, the statistics of theft in business are serious. In fact, 75% of workers have indicated that at some point they have stolen at least once from their employers. The numbers add up to the millions annually. Therefore, all employers need to have ways to mitigate theft and to ensure that those who do steal experience proper legal consequences. Security cameras placed around the office are one way to do that.

Benefits of Installing Business Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in your business is not just a way to protect your property. It can provide multiple perks, too. For instance, you may reduce your chances of theft, which could lower your insurance rates.

Another benefit is if the camera finds the thief, and the law successfully prosecutes them, you could recover your lost products or money. This can reduce your overall business losses, even if you do experience theft.

Employees may feel safer with cameras keeping an eye on them, especially for those who arrive early or work late and are alone in the building.

In some cases, these cameras can even spot the origins of a fire in your building when the smoke alarms go off, helping you to correct the cause of the fire quickly and prevent future problems.

Types of Cameras for Your Business

Security cameras can record in high-definition or color. They may also have LED lights. While you might think that high-definition color is the best choice for all your security needs, you may not have the storage space to retain footage from the camera.

Cameras that have LED lights embedded in them allow the camera to capture footage in almost total darkness. Hence, these types of cameras are best for dark alleys, hallways, or parking lots.

Ask an experience in commercial security camera installation for the best type of camera to protect your business from theft.

Have Commercial-Grade Security Cameras Installed from Experience Audio Video Inc.

You deserve to keep your assets secure and your employees safe. Security cameras can protect your bottom line by discouraging theft. Contact our commercial sector at Experience Audio Video Inc. to have high-quality security cameras installed in your business. The best way you can stop crime in your workplace is by making moves toward boosting security through technology.




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You Need a Commercial Security System for Your Building Now More Than Ever

Your commercial security system should get an upgrade from old-school analog video and video tapes to digital cameras and recording methods. With an improved system, you can capture clearer images of events to help with crime reporting, insurance claim requests, and employee protection.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Security System

There are several reasons for upgrading your commercial security system. Crime never goes away, and you will always need a solution for recording events that will offer police as much evidence as possible. Additionally, video evidence can help to support your insurance claims or provide images of people you want to keep away from your property. However, your ability to do these things hinges on the clarity of the video you record. Upgrading your system ensures that you have clear security footage when you need it.

High Crime Rates

While property crimes have been on the decline since 1990, 2020 still saw 6.45 million property crimes in the United States. These include motor vehicle theft, larceny, burglary, and arson. Sadly, in 2020, of the 6.45 million crimes reported, there were only 871,370 arrests made for property crimes. That means that most of the criminals did not get arrested for the offenses. However, if you have camera footage of the crime, you can give police more evidence to help them find and arrest the perpetrators.

Provide Evidence for Insurance Concerns

If you need to make an insurance claim, the company will likely require proof for processing. Video evidence that clearly shows the covered event will provide the requested proof. For instance, if you have property damage, you may need to provide video from your security system to show that the damage did not happen intentionally and was a covered event.

Protect Employees from Irate Customers

A commercial security system with high quality video can also protect your business from those threatening to sue or otherwise damage your reputation. For instance, a customer might attempt to fake an injury or claim a worker struck them. Video of the incident can show what happened from a neutral perspective. Therefore, people cannot falsely accuse your employees because there will be video proof showing otherwise.

Get Commercial Security System Cameras Installed from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Don’t wait until a crime happens in your building or you need video evidence for your insurance company. The best time to upgrade your commercial security system is before you need it. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to start on the process of having high-quality commercial security cameras installed throughout your building.




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Protect Your Business Assets with Security Cameras

It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial office or a retail store. Loss from theft can cost your company significant amounts of money. Protect your assets by installing security cameras. With these, you can find out who stole from your business and hopefully work with the police to get justice.

The Problem of Theft in Business

Theft is a major problem for large and small businesses. In the retail industry, losses from shoplifting, employee theft, and fraud are euphemistically called “shrink.” The amount of shrink in 2019 increased from previous years at retailers to 1.62% of sales, for a total of $61.7 billion. While this only addresses retail companies, even non-retailers can experience loss from employee theft and fraud.

Even Offices Are Not Immune to Losses from Theft

Employee theft is a major problem for companies. In fact, this type of crime often goes undetected for up to 14 months after the theft occurs. During this time, the employee may have already left the company or even moved to another city. Such a long time between the crime and its detection can make prosecuting these issues difficult.

With security cameras, you can see when physical theft occurs, which may help you to more quickly act on the crime, thus preventing future events from that individual. Plus, others in your company who see that employee fraud or theft is caught and prosecuted will be less likely to attempt these crimes.

How Security Cameras Protect Your Assets

Installing security cameras can protect your company from “shrink” by preventing the problem by alerting individuals that they are on camera. Additionally, the footage from security cameras can offer valuable backup data for when you file insurance claims or seek to press criminal charges.

Professional installation of security cameras ensures that your business gets commercial-quality cameras that produce the type of footage you need.

Reach Out to Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for Security Cameras to Reduce Loss

Cut your business losses from theft by investing in a security system. Start with security cameras from our team at Experience Audio Video Inc. Contact us to find out more about getting a customized set of cameras professionally installed in your business.





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How Security Cameras Work to Prevent Theft

Most people know that security cameras are often used by law enforcement after a crime happens to gather evidence in finding the perpetrator. However, did you know that having cameras installed in your business can help to prevent theft? Discover how to make the most of your security cameras for preventing and tracing crimes.

Security Cameras and Preventing Theft

Using security cameras is one way to prevent theft. In fact, simply having the cameras installed can deter people tempted to steal from your business. Pointing out the cameras to visitors and employees ensures that everyone knows that what they do will remain on video.

However, you cannot use dummy cameras. These are easily spotted and don’t help to prevent theft or investigate crimes that do occur. Invest in real, commercial-grade security cameras to get the most from them.

Tips for Getting the Most from your Security Cameras

Make sure to pair your security cameras with other protective measures to reduce the incidence of theft in your business. For instance, while 95% of survey participants indicated that they did background checks on potential employees, what many forget to do is checks on vendors with access to their business. Make sure that you have vetted anyone with free reign through your company’s halls. This includes third-party cleaning crews, vendors, and others who may regularly come into your business.

Another way to improve your security camera protection is to install signage to alert individuals that their actions are filmed. These signs can deter crime because people may be less likely to steal if they think they will be seen and get caught in the act.

Lastly, have a way of recording camera footage or providing someone to monitor the camera feeds. Regularly watching the cameras provides a set of eyes around all areas of your business. This person can alert nearby security to stop the thief before they leave the premises. Recording footage gives you evidence to prove a crime took place.

Why Professional Installation of These Cameras Matters

Professional installation of security cameras is vital. Experts know the best locations in your business to install these cameras to minimize the space that remains unmonitored. Experts can also use the existing lighting in your business to determine the correct camera to get the best images. Don’t try to buy and install these cameras yourself. You will have better performance from the cameras with professional installation.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for Expert Installation of Security Cameras and More

Expert installation of the security cameras is important because the placement of the cameras can determine their effectiveness. For properly placed cameras that produce quality images, connect with us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can help your business with security camera installation or any other audio or video needs that you might have.





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The Problem of Employee Theft and How Security Cameras Can Help

Employee theft remains a major problem for companies in 2021. While many stores closed temporarily during 2020 due to the pandemic, the problem of employee theft remained. In fact, during 2020, employees stole an average of 3.8% more than the previous year. Security cameras can prevent theft by letting employees know that they will be monitored and caught if they steal from the company.

What Security Cameras Can Do to Prevent Employee Theft

Even in businesses that don’t need to worry about shoplifting because they don’t have storefronts that customers browse still need to think about theft prevention. Employee theft can create a significant dent in profits. Therefore, having cameras to watch workers can save money over time, even after factoring in the cost of installing the hardware.

To ensure the cameras deter theft, let workers know that they are always monitored during working hours. Therefore, they will be less likely to try to steal from the company if they know they will appear on camera, which tightens a legal case against them.

Places Where You Cannot Put Security Cameras

There are some locations in your business where privacy laws prohibit camera monitoring. These include bathrooms, shower rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, and changing areas. Basically, anywhere someone has an expectation of privacy, you cannot put up cameras.

You should also use caution when directing cameras to look out windows or at other buildings. You cannot place security cameras where they could look into bedrooms, hotel rooms, bathrooms, or other locations where cameras are prohibited if you want to avoid legla problems.

Where You Should Install Security Cameras

For protecting your company against employee theft, place cameras in areas where such an event might occur. For instance, you could put cameras inside storage rooms or warehouse spaces. You may also place cameras on showroom floors or other retail areas to protect against customers who might shoplift. Make sure that you use them in areas where people will most likely feel tempted to steal to provide the greatest impact.

Keep Your Business Profitable by Preventing Employee Theft with Security Cameras

Get started with setting up quality video recording cameras around your business today. Contact our commercial A/V experts here at Experience Audio Video, Inc. We’re here to provide you with cameras that can record sharp images to deter theft and provide evidence if it does happen to increase your chances of recovering the lost property. Find out more about audio and video solutions for your business when you talk to us about security cameras and more for your property.




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Safety Beyond Your Office Doors: Security Cameras for Parking and Entrances

You may not be aware that one-tenth of property crimes take place in parking areas. One way to deter these incidents from happening in your business’s parking is to install security cameras for surveillance. With these cameras, you can track who comes and goes from the area and what happens while they are in the area.

Why Business Parking Safety Is Important

Customers and employees who use your parking areas need to feel that their property will be safe in the area. You should always install signs that indicate people park at their own risk and you are not responsible for losses. However, you should also take steps to make the area as safe and secure as possible.

If customers have their cars broken into while inside your business, they may not come back. Employees may feel unsafe and not want to return to work if their cars are stolen or have things removed from them. Therefore, while you may not be responsible for losses, you should take charge of security for the area.

Security Cameras Are Key for Safety

Security cameras are essential after reporting a crime. The police will likely use the footage to try to identify a suspect. In some cases, the public will also see that footage if the police need assistance with finding the person of interest. Therefore, you need to have cameras that produce the clearest images possible.

Security cameras may also prevent crime if people thinking of breaking into cars or stealing vehicles see them. Posting signs alerting potential criminals and those who use the parking area of the surveillance system can also help to direct attention to the cameras.

You Should Consider Additional Safety Features

While security cameras are important, they are not the only way to keep your parking areas safe. Make sure the area is well-lit. The lighting will help your cameras to record better images while reducing shadows where those with ill intentions can hide. Trimming trees and shrubs to reduce hiding spots can also help.

If possible, have gated entry and exit and fencing around the parking area to allow only employees and customers inside. Should you not be able to do this due to a public or shared lot, consider having a patrol or lot attendant keep an eye on the area during the day.

Make Experience Audio Video, Inc. Your Commercial Security Camera Provider in Southern California

If you want to start making your employees and customers feel safer at your business, contact us at Experience Audio Video, Inc. We can help you with these cameras and any other A/V solutions you need for your business. Let us know how we can help you by contacting us today.





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Reduce Loss with a Better Business Security System

You spend time and money investing in your business, but you could easily face a severe setback from theft or vandalism. Additionally, accidents at your business may require video evidence to back up claims of the injured. You cannot keep up operations for long without some type of business security system. By investing in a security option, you will be able to prevent problems and recover losses.

Loss Prevention from Theft

Theft can occur during or after business hours. Types of theft include burglary when someone breaks in, employee theft from workers stealing on their shifts, and robbery from criminals stealing from people. In a survey from a commercial insurer, 8.8% of small businesses reported thefts or burglaries. While often insured, the covered amount may not pay for the entire loss. Plus, business owners may feel vulnerable to future incidents or upset that the perpetrators didn’t get caught.

Having the theft on video from a high-tech business security system can give the police information to find the suspect and provide evidence of the crime when filing an insurance claim.

Loss Prevention from Fraud

While no one wants an accident at their business, fraudulent incidents are even worse. Without verifiable video evidence to show that fraud occurred, your company’s insurance may have to pay out the expenses, which leaves you with higher premiums. Security cameras can spot the events leading up to an accident to help your insurance determine whether you were actually liable for the incident.

Loss Prevention from Employee Theft

You may want to trust all your employees. However, according to the California Restaurant Association, 95% of businesses have workers steal from them. Keeping an eye on your employees and letting them know that they are constantly under security surveillance may help to prevent this type of costly theft.

Boost Your Business Security System with Cutting-Edge Technology from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Get the business security system that can help your company to prevent losses from Experience Audio Video Inc. We serve businesses throughout the Southern California area with commercial-grade video and audio solutions. Contact us today at (714)744-4455 to find out more.