Is your commercial office operating at the speed and efficiency your staff and clients require?

If you’d like to provide the best service possible for everyone involved, implementing smart office functions throughout your office space or building can make employees happier, which in turn means your clients will also be more satisfied.

But you may ask, what will upgrading my office cost? If you’re worried about the upfront investment in smart technology, take it slow by starting with one or more of these easy smart upgrades with an immediate payoff.

  1. Motorized Window Coverings

Give employees a chance to block out glare-causing sunlight while still being able to enjoy the view if they want. Motorized window coverings that adjust to your desired specifications automatically can also drop your overall energy costs while increasing your building’s energy efficiency.

  1. Easily Controlled Lighting Systems

While task and desk-specific lighting can be helpful to localize focus, wouldn’t it be nice if employees could quickly change their own lighting with a touch of a button? Your conference rooms, huddle spaces, and other communal areas will also benefit from smart lighting that gives employees control.

  1. Integrated Scheduling

Having a gatekeeper responsible for scheduling room usage and meeting space or using a paper-based system can leave plenty of room for errors. With a smart scheduling system, your employees can book rooms and other areas via an app, so there is less confusion and delay.

  1. Easy Audio/Visual Connections

You don’t want employees fumbling to set up a video screen during an important meeting, so use smart technology that can help them access data seamlessly through cloud-based integration. You can even make it easy for employees to change music or audio volume so that focus isn’t drawn from the important stuff: the work you do.

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