When you’re building out a new commercial office space, you need to pay attention to things like design, accessibility, and comfort. But one of your primary areas of focus should be planning out the right audio-visual system for your space—now and in the future.

Consider this: it’s easy to add wiring, outlets, and other hidden components now then it will be to have to make holes in walls and reconfigure spaces to accommodate your growing needs.

What do you need to think about when planning your office’s audio-visual setup at a new space?

Plan Out Collaboration

How will your employees collaborate during the workday? Do you want to provide them with smaller huddle spaces, or will team efforts be done in a conference room? When you know how your employees will need to work together for successful projects, you can plan out AV solutions to support them.

Think About Future Display Setups

You may not have the money or need for a large-screen video display right now, but you know exactly where it will go in the future. Have your audio-video installation team create recessed areas where the screen can hang, and wires or other AV needs can be stored behind it. Until you’re ready for that screen, put a picture over the area to make it look pleasant in the meantime.

Get Rid Of The Biggest Culprits

It’s crucial that your audio components work during calls and video conferences, but are they optimized to do so in the room they are in? Poor audio quality is an ongoing problem for many office facilities, so what do you need to do to make sure it’s not at yours? Think about how many people regularly participate in your calls, and whether microphones on your conference table may be better than trying to cram six people around a speakerphone.

When designing your AV ahead of time you can also coordinate your other construction needs. Installing sound-reducing panels in conference rooms or better lighting for areas of video conferencing will help make sure that every call runs smoothly and supports your success.

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