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Audio Video Installation Company: Reasons to choose an expert

Audio/Video Installation Company: Reasons To Choose An Expert

To install a sound system, what equipment do you need? Your needs will determine what you need. Someone is reading names at an awards ceremony, isn't it? What is the purpose of playing music outside to a thousand people? Maybe you should throw something a little more focused on a professional audio video installation company. What are the steps for setting up a sound system? There is a lot to say about this question. 


What do you listen to when you listen to music? Do you stream from services like Spotify? Can you tell the difference between a hi-res and an mp3 file regarding sound quality? Do you listen to old records or music on your computer, or do you listen to old records?


DIY has spread to every sector, including the audio-visual industry. The DIY sites that show you those lessons and tutorials are being done by experienced users. It might look easy, but you are doing things independently without training. When it comes to better results, it is sometimes best to hire a trained professional like commercial audio video installation orange county which has installed various systems. 

Installing new audio-visual equipment is just one of those things in which professionals are much more useful. The person is trained in all things AV and can solve any problem that might arise during an installation. A professional understands all things related to AV equipment. There are some reasons why choosing a professional when it comes to your AV equipment is the better route. 

Why Choose A Qualified Audio Visual Installation Company

Individuals might need professional help for anything other than simple TV installations. When setting up your AV systems, these installers take specific considerations into account. They can spot these things with an expert eye. In some cases, people worry about other people handling something they are capable of doing on their own. They will provide the best recommendations, and ideas for suitable AV installation procedures based on their professional experience and expertise.

Know what you need 

You need to communicate with the company to choose an audio video installation company that can design, implement, and maintain a technology solution that meets your business goals now and in the future. Identify technology pain points and AV system priorities before selecting products with an audio-visual integration specialist. 

They offer more products and solutions 

An audio video installation company that provides solutions rather than just products takes this approach. To design an audio-visual integration system, a solutions partnership approach includes ongoing service and a long-term vision for resolving problems and meeting technology needs together. An audio video installation company that understands your budget requirements will work within those restrictions to develop a solution that works for your users and your organization-both today and in the future.

Who are they, and what are their specialties? 

The role of a commercial audio video company is not the same as that of a home theater or residential stereo installer. Still, they offer projectors, displays, sound systems, and integrated control over these technologies. Audio video products sold to consumers are not designed specifically for enterprise use or mission-critical applications like those used for commercial integration.


An audiovisual installation company specializing in commercial audio video installations, or corporate audio visual installers, serves businesses in various industries, including higher education, government, hospitality, retail, and healthcare. 


Audio video integration for business-to-business (B2B) provides vital presentation, collaboration, sound system, and video display tools to enhance productivity, increase workplace efficiency, and facilitate an optimal technology experience.

Audio video installation company- Better than DIY 

The most common reason for DIY installations is the misguided belief that they will save users money. Clients are less likely to experience poor installation when they hire a professional installer. What are the benefits of that? Clients are assured of a certain quality in the items that are installed and in the way they are installed when they hire a professional. 

Undoubtedly, the AV system will look and sound great once it's set up. When it doesn't, the client can call someone for a solution and get their full money's worth. In contrast, if you manage the setup on your own and it isn’t up to the mark (no offense!), then you don’t have anyone to call. Of course, you don't have to live with that bad AV setup!! Call us now. 

Faster installation process 

An installation done by a professional can help you save a great deal of time. In fact, they can even handle some of the more complex steps easily or even guide you through them. Without our help, the result is a malfunctioning or incomplete setup. Hiring the best AV expertise helps you avoid a lot of heartaches later. As a result, the installer usually simplifies this setup process without overlooking system quality.

Better quality of AV installation 

There's a common occurrence when you buy a new flat-screen TV, bring it home, and realize it doesn't have enough volume. Although the picture looks great, it's hard to hear the movie without increasing the volume. Thinner TVs have worse speakers because they are more likely to leak. On average, flat-screen TVs come with two speakers, just barely bigger than a quarter. The size of the speakers means that you won't be able to hear anything properly, and you won't feel immersed in the action as much as you would like.

Audio video installation company does the customization for you 

As soon as the system has been successfully installed, avoid making any changes and leave everything as it is. Speak up if there is anything unpleasant about the installation. Experts from a reliable audio video installation company don't rely solely on their preferences; they follow all the necessary instructions using the right requirements. If you understand this, it will be easier to get across the ideas you may have during the installation process.

security camera surveillance

Security camera surveillance: Tips to choose the best service!

Tips For Choosing The Right Security Camera Surveillance Service


We often go to lengths to ensure the security and safety of our loved ones. And to make our work easier, surveillance cameras came into being. Nowadays, you’ll notice that most houses have security cameras in their compounds. But do we know what things should be kept in mind before choosing a security camera surveillance service


Well, this article will talk about some vital things that will help you find the best surveillance service near you. Since it is a matter of safety and security, you need to be cautious about this. 

Choosing The Right Security Camera Surveillance Service

  • High definition video

Why do we install security cams? To know who has been in our house and when in our absence, right? And if we can’t see that due to poor visual definition, then what’s the point of installing a security camera in the first place? 


For security surveillance, you’ll need a high-definition video. Previously CCTV used to produce blurred videos and pixelated images, which were quite hard to decipher for anyone. 


But due to technological advancement, security cameras now have high-resolution images and video capturing ability. The security cam operators can easily zoom into the required frames, freeze a particular scene or even rotate the image to get the right view. 

  • Smartphone Integration

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what’s going on in your house while sitting in an office or while you’re out? 


Well, this is only possible if you connect your phone to the security camera. Then with the help of the video monitoring feature on your phone, you can easily watch over your house/property. 


Most top surveillance companies provide their customers with video monitoring services. This feature allows its clients to get notifications about any unusual activity caught on your CCTV. 


Therefore, if you install this video monitoring service on your phone, it will help you to remain altered even when you’re away from home.

  • Consistent Monitoring Services

Is it possible for you to sit for hours and monitor what’s going on in the CCTV? Of course not! So for that, you would need someone or a team who would monitor the activities and alert you in case of any irregularities. And to monitor these activities, you would need a team of experts. 


Being experts, they can scrutinize each detail and fix any kind of bug in the system if it appears. So you should look into this feature before opting for any security camera surveillance service. 

4. Easy Cloud Storage

You might have seen in many cases that CCTV footage is used for evidence in legal matters. The police also require previous CCTV footage to catch a criminal or a thief, right? 


So for that, the CCTV footage should be kept secured and saved up. Previously CCTV footage was stored in various storage devices, and it was a difficult job to go through each storage device to find out the right footage. 


In these types of storage, there was always a chance of tampering or loss of data. But with the advent of time and technology, CCTV footage can be stored in the cloud. As a result, now retrieving footage will be easier, and there will be no chance of loss of data too. Thus allowing operators to access and manage as per their convenience. 

  • Alarm integration

Suppose you have a video monitoring service, but it fails to send you an alarm at the right moment. Then what happens? You fail to protect your house from getting robbed or can't stop a crime from happening! An alarm integration system helps to send alert signals faster, thus allowing them to respond in time. 


Apart from just sending you signals, this feature also allows you to get notifications regarding wrong fingerprints, motion monitoring, and password locking. So before you opt for any security camera surveillance service, you should keep this feature in mind. 

  • Video Compressing

We all know that videos take up a lot of space, and if compressed inappropriately, then there’s a high chance the quality of the video degrades. So if you are planning to compress the videos, you have to ensure that you don’t ruin the quality of the video. 


A good video compressing tool ensures that the quality of the video remains untampered even if they are kept compressed. After all, good video footage helps people to prevent any crime before it can happen. 

  • Remote Surveillance

Previously, if you were away from the surveillance setup, it would be difficult for you to monitor anything. But with the advent of technology now a day, many security camera surveillance services have the feature of remote surveillance. 


In simple terms, it means you can easily continue your surveillance through your laptop or smartphone, even if you are away from the main setup. All you'll need is a stable internet connection for that. 

  • Proper training

It might sound simple, but it’s not that easy to monitor CCTV footage. To monitor any kind of video footage, a person needs to have a basic understanding of how a CCTV works. 


So either you can hire any security camera surveillance service to do the job since they are quite well trained. Or you could learn essential things that you need to know about security camera surveillance and do the job yourself. You can choose whatever works you think is best. 


Summing up, these are some of the things that you should keep in mind when thinking of choosing the right security camera surveillance service. It’s true that nowadays there are many surveillance services available but if you want to choose the best you should go for Commercial Audio and Video Sales and Service. They are known for their excellent services and have also received many prestigious awards for the same. They have over 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Whether a big business or a small home, they provide excellent services to their clients.

Upgrade Healthcare Conferencing with Better Audio and Video

Discussing ideas in healthcare is part of improving patient care. Training for providers, consultations between doctors, and conferences with staff all need to have high-quality audio and video. Good audio ensures that the vital information shared among participants is clear. Meetings may require showing case images or videos that require high-definition screens for proper evaluation. Get these upgrades in your facility with help from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Provider Training

Providers still need to stay updated on the latest technologies, innovations, and standards. Regular training sessions can occur in staff meeting rooms.

High-speed connectivity and quality audio and video permit a present to call in from a remote location and show instructional slides, videos, or photos on the video screen in the conference space. Alternatively, the presenter can connect their computer to the conference screen for viewing any accompanying images clearly on the screen.

Doctor Consultations

Doctors may consult with other providers in a patient’s care team. These consultations occur after a patient provides authorization to discuss their case to all parties for privacy protection. You should also invest in conferencing platforms that adhere to HIPAA requirements.

Whatever software you use should still allow the providers to see clearly during the conference. Clear audio and video over a high-speed connection increases the speed of information sharing among experts and improves patient care.

Healthcare Conferencing with Staff Members

Staff members deserve the best audio and video possible during meetings. They will be able to see and hear everything, so there will be fewer interruptions to repeat information. Keep staff members abreast of policy changes and more through regular meetings and make sure they understand the material by presenting it with the clarity possible by quality healthcare conferencing equipment.

Upgrade Your Healthcare Conferencing Equipment and Connect with Experience Audio Video Inc. in Southern California

Don’t wait until you have a meeting scheduled to upgrade your audio and video equipment for healthcare conferencing. Find out more about Experience Audio Video Inc.’s offerings for healthcare facilities. Then contact us for professional upgrades or new installation of top video and audio meeting equipment. Our expert service and brand-name devices will meet or exceed your expectations and make your meetings clearer and easier to understand.


lighting controls

Get your Office Ready with Proper Lighting Controls

The pandemic drove many people away from offices to safely work from home. However, things are slowly returning to their pre-pandemic state in much of the United States with workers returning to their offices. Is your workspace ready to welcome workers who have spent months working from the comfort of their homes? With the right audio, video, and lighting controls and equipment, you can be.

How Are People Returning to the Office?

Generally, more people are going back to the office full-time, as evidenced by a shrinking number of job offers allowing remote work. The other indicator of more people in offices is heavier traffic in cities during rush hours. If you’ve noticed more traffic, you’re likely waiting to welcome workers back.

Where Is Remote Work Still Strong?

Remote work still remains popular in major cities and on the coasts. For instance, 26% of job listings in San Francisco offer remote work while the number in New York City is 19%. However, a minority of job postings have remote work as an option, even in these more flexible regions. Therefore, you’ll still have most workers coming in at least a few days of the week.

A More Comfortable and Productive Workplace

Because people have had all their home comforts while remotely working, they may find the move back to the office harder. Make the transition a little easier for them by improving the audio, video, and lighting controls and equipment in your office.

Use lighting controls to provide areas of the office with warmer, more soothing light where workers can go to relax. Break rooms or huddle spots are good places for this type of lighting. You can also automate lights throughout the workspace to optimize energy savings.

In your conference room, use the latest audio and video for crystal clear images and sounds during meetings, and your workers may not want to go back to using their laptops for online meetings anymore.

Get Lighting Controls and More from the Commercial Side of Experience Audio Video Inc.

Your workplace and employees should have the best conditions for the office. Whether you need improved audio, video, or lighting controls or equipment, you can get it from us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Our commercial division expertly installs equipment in businesses that demand the best. Contact us today to make your workplace comfortable and productive as people return to the office.




conference room

Bring People Back to the Office and Conference Room

A recent study found that 85% of employers want their workers to report at least some of the time to the office. The ability to gather in person, share ideas, and get motivated for work are all benefits of meeting others in the workplace. However, is your office ready to receive workers who have accommodated their home offices to work remotely? You may need to upgrade your office and conference room technology to meet your workers’ new needs.

Employees Will Be Back to Work

Employers are needing to see their employees in person with greater frequency. Workers understand this because almost 75% indicated that their supervisor wanted them to be at the office more. A majority of employees surveyed, 56%, indicated that they expected to be in the office more often in the next six months.

Technology Helps Workers in the Conference Room

Laptops with virtual meeting capabilities allowed workers to stay at home during most of the pandemic. However, the technology could also isolate employees from talking about ideas with others. Turn your office into a gathering place, complete with the technology to do so.

Huddle Spaces and Hotdesks

Consider using your large conference room as a huddle space where workers can collaborate with each other in person. Huddle spaces should also have the connections available for workers to meet virtually with others online or to use programs that require constant connectivity. Ample outlets for powering laptops can keep the huddle groups going by preventing batteries from running low.

You may also consider the trend of hotdesking. This method gives workers a desk to use while they are in the office, but when away, another worker uses the desk, reducing the space needed while still giving people at the office places to work.

The Little Things Count, Too

When upgrading technology, don’t forget the creature comforts that many people desire when working from home. Softer furniture, recreational lounge spaces, and improved coffee or snacks in the break room may be the little things that entice workers back to the office.

Start Your Conference Room Upgrade with Experience Audio Video Inc.

Your workplace will need to have upgrades to meet the new needs of workers coming back to the office. Get help with setting up huddle spaces, hotdesks, or other tech tools for your space from us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Connect with us now to start making your workplace more productive by boosting comfort and technology.




virtual meetings

VR in the Office Creates Virtual Meetings from Anywhere

Virtual meetings are changing how people working anywhere collaborate in real-time. Through VR technology, employees can walk around and talk to others in a virtual location, allowing for greater freedom in their meeting methods. Could your office be next to embrace these meetings based in virtual reality?

What Is the Metaverse and How Can It Impact Meetings?

The metaverse is a virtual space where employees can interact in different ways during meetings. By wearing virtual reality headsets, employees collaborate in virtual spaces in the metaverse with the avatars of their colleagues.

The virtual space does not even have to look like a meeting room. It can include company branding or be a virtual outdoor space. In the case of the latter, employees working remotely or in the office could host social gatherings as easily as brainstorming sessions in the relaxing atmosphere of the virtual metaverse.

By replacing the staid Zoom meetings with controls that allow for participants to mute themselves with more interactive avatar interaction that cannot be shut off, employees become more engaged in actively participating in meetings.

What Types of Technology Would Your Office Need?

If you want to upgrade your meeting space to allow in-office workers to collaborate in the metaverse with remote workers, your likely will need better technology. VR headsets and the computers to run the systems are the beginning. You may also want to include individual connections on the meeting table to allow for participants to easily set up their VR headsets. High-speed, hardwired network connectivity to the computers that handle the VR meetings will prevent problems with delayed actions or dropped connections.

Are Virtual Meetings Right for Your Workplace?

Should your workplace embrace virtual meetings? The answer depends on what you want to get out of them and your employees. Are your workers less engaged in traditional or online meetings? Will they readily embrace VR technology? If so, you may want to consider upgrading to offer virtual meetings as an alternative to traditional or online conferences.

Get Any AV Technology Upgrades You Need for Your Meetings from Experience Audio Video Inc.

If you want to upgrade the audio and video or lighting in your conference room to make it ready for traditional or virtual meetings, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We optimize meeting spaces in offices to ensure they adhere to the needs of employers and their employees. Whether you need better lighting, new speakers, or improved video systems, we can help with these and much more.




Understanding Projector Technology: Light Sources

Welcome back to the ongoing blog series, Understanding Projector Technology, brought to you by the team at Experience Audio Video! This week we’re looking at another very important aspect of projector technology: light sources.

At the heart of every projector is one of three types of light source. The type of light source you choose has some ramifications for how your projector will perform, so let’s look at the details for these three light sources.

Standard Lamp

The traditional projector light source, the standard lamp is perhaps the most common as well. If you’ve worked with projectors for a few years, you’ve probably seen this type. It’s the most affordable option, and it performs reasonably well.

On the other hand, as far as longevity goes, standard lamps are the worst of the bunch. Under normal operating conditions, standard bulbs in a modern projector usually last between 3,000 and 4,000 hours. This is far better than they could do even a decade ago, but it’s also a far shorter lifespan than the other two types.


The newer kid on the block, LED projector bulbs can last an impressively long time, as much as 20,000 hours. They don’t take up much space or generate nearly as much heat. If you need a quiet-running projector, LED can be a great choice.

Older LED bulbs were limited in color gamut and brightness, but the technology has improved on both fronts.

A word on price: the cheap ones are cheap for a reason and may not last. Quality LED bulbs tend to be more expensive than standard lamps.


Think of laser projection assemblies as LED on steroids. They’re much more expensive and much more powerful. 30,000 lumens isn’t unheard of with laser. With laser projectors, the light source usually never needs replacing.

Laser makes the most sense in very large venues and outdoor spaces. Installing a laser projector in the conference room, then, is probably overkill.


A 2020 Resolution: Upgrade Your Audio

Ah, the new year. Fresh off a holiday season full of too much eating, people everywhere are resolving to do better in 2020. Gyms are filling up — for a month or two, anyways — and fast food drive-thrus are feeling a little lonely.

The team at Experience Audio Video can’t help you with those kinds of resolutions, but we do have a suggestion for you! Why not make a 2020 resolution for your business? This could be the year you finally get around to remodeling that space or upgrading that piece of tech that’s a little long in the tooth.

Our recommendation? Make 2020 the year that you resolve to upgrade your audio systems.

Upgraded Audio Aids in Communication

One great reason to consider upgrading your audio systems is the way it can help in communication. Speaking of drive-thrus, we’ve all had the experience of going through one where the speaker was just a disaster. You could barely understand the distorted, tinny voice that was coming through.

If your business involves a large space (perhaps a retail, warehouse or manufacturing floor), you likely have some sort of intercom system in place. (If you don’t, we think you should, by the way! And we can help.)

But what good is an intercom system if subpar audio quality makes it hard for people to understand what’s being said? Upgrading your audio can aid in communication throughout your facility or business.

Upgraded Audio Improves the Customer Experience

Second, upgraded audio improves the customer experience. It’s hard to quantify this difference, but you’ve probably felt it before. It’s the difference between visiting a tired chain coffee shop with a run-of-the-mill sound system and enjoying immersive music at a high-end local shop. One is just OK, while the other is truly impressive.

Ready to learn more? Contact us for a free quote.


New Office Space? How To Plan Your Audio-Visual System

When you’re building out a new commercial office space, you need to pay attention to things like design, accessibility, and comfort. But one of your primary areas of focus should be planning out the right audio-visual system for your space—now and in the future.

Consider this: it’s easy to add wiring, outlets, and other hidden components now then it will be to have to make holes in walls and reconfigure spaces to accommodate your growing needs.

What do you need to think about when planning your office’s audio-visual setup at a new space?

Plan Out Collaboration

How will your employees collaborate during the workday? Do you want to provide them with smaller huddle spaces, or will team efforts be done in a conference room? When you know how your employees will need to work together for successful projects, you can plan out AV solutions to support them.

Think About Future Display Setups

You may not have the money or need for a large-screen video display right now, but you know exactly where it will go in the future. Have your audio-video installation team create recessed areas where the screen can hang, and wires or other AV needs can be stored behind it. Until you’re ready for that screen, put a picture over the area to make it look pleasant in the meantime.

Get Rid Of The Biggest Culprits

It’s crucial that your audio components work during calls and video conferences, but are they optimized to do so in the room they are in? Poor audio quality is an ongoing problem for many office facilities, so what do you need to do to make sure it’s not at yours? Think about how many people regularly participate in your calls, and whether microphones on your conference table may be better than trying to cram six people around a speakerphone.

When designing your AV ahead of time you can also coordinate your other construction needs. Installing sound-reducing panels in conference rooms or better lighting for areas of video conferencing will help make sure that every call runs smoothly and supports your success.

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