Security is a genuine concern for modern commercial offices. You have valuable assets to protect, employees to keep safe, and of course, clients to protect. 

So what are you doing to improve the safety of your space?

Security cameras are a tried-and-true way of keeping an eye on any facility, but how you use them matters. In the past, big, bulky cameras made themselves known to any potential intruder, but also limited what you could monitor and when. Modern cameras have changed all of that.

A benefit of security cameras in your commercial space is that you’ll always know who comes in and out. And with simple remote access and recording capabilities, you don’t have to be glued to a monitor to spot any trouble. Place cameras near the most vulnerable areas of your facility, such as near expensive A/V units, reception areas, and storage or supply facilities. 

Security cameras can also help your clients feel more comfortable when used in the right ways. No one wants to feel watched, but the presence of cameras shows that you are committed to keeping data and personal information safe.

But use security cameras in the wrong way, and you could land yourself in hot water. 

It’s legal to record video of people in the office, but you can’t record audio. California is a two-party consent state, meaning anyone recorded must consent to it. 

Finally, when you decide to install security cameras in your office, you must work with qualified installers. While there are endless inexpensive cameras on the market, there are plenty of questions as to how safe these genuinely are when it comes to protecting your privacy and data. 



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