One thing we’re always trying to do for our commercial customers here at Experience Audio Video is to improve their digital footprint in unexpected ways. Our culture of continuous improvement extends to the customer experience created by each of our clients. That’s why today’s blog post focuses on digital signage in retail spaces.

Whether you’re a retail-focused business or your retail space is limited to a gift shop or visitor’s center, digital signage takes your customer experience to a whole new level. Here are two ways to consider using digital signage in your retail spaces.

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Digital Signage

First, we want to help you improve your curb appeal with digital signage. Think of all those vintage movies with a crowd of people standing in front of the electronics store, taking in some news headline. There’s a reason that shows up so often in film: digital displays catch the eye and make a big visual impact.

Whatever your storefront looks like—even if it’s just a window or glass wall inside a larger establishment—you can enhance your current display efforts by adding digital signage. Use the signage to welcome people into your space, to highlight current promotions or to showcase desirable merchandise.

The most important thing is to commit: make the investment in digital signage right away. As far as how you use your digital display, the choice is up to you.

Use Smaller Digital Signage in the Store to Highlight Items

We also recommend implementing smaller digital signage inside your retail space. You can use these signs to highlight specific items. There’s also the occasional item that has real potential but that’s hard to understand at first. Try using a digital display to show off the features and real world uses of an item, helping customers to see the value for themselves.

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