If your business is like most, you’ve got a conference room or two (or ten) as a part of your facility. And every conference room has some smattering of A/V technology. As with everything tech-related, your conference room tech has a finite lifespan. Eventually it needs to be replaced.

We do everything A/V related your business could need here at Experience Audio Video, from entire new facility installs to small in-place updates (like a conference room refresh). When it’s time to evaluate and update your conference room tech, we’re here to take care of you.

Perhaps you’re wondering how frequently businesses like yours ought to go through this process. We can help with that, too. The Experience Audio Video team has the experience necessary to help you evaluate how often you should evaluate your conference room tech.

General Rule of Thumb

Our general rule of thumb is that you should take a conference room tech audit every three to four years. This is about the right timeframe where you can keep things fresh without any one piece of equipment looking too outdated.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you’ll need to gut your conference room A/V tech this frequently. This is simply an audit. You want to evaluate what’s come on the market since you last checked and consider what equipment is getting sluggish or unreliable.

Adjust for Your Industry and Style

Industries and businesses differ, we realize, so our rule of thumb may need customizing. We recommend you start with our rule of thumb — an audit every three to four years — and then scale it up or down based on business factors.

For example, if you’re a tech-forward business with gleaming, futuristic office space, three to four years is too long. And if tech isn’t a big part of your office culture, it’ll be ok to wait more years between evaluations.


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