Revolutionize Your Office AV Setup: A Comprehensive Guide to Audio Visual Equipment

Are you looking to revolutionize your office AV setup and enhance your sound and visual performance? Investing in the right audio visual equipment can make a significant difference in your office productivity and collaboration. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about office audio visual equipment, including types, features, and expert recommendations.

Types of Office Audio Visual Equipment There are several types of audio visual equipment that are commonly used in offices, including:

  • Projectors: Projectors are used to display presentations, images, and videos on a large screen or wall. They are commonly used in conference rooms and meeting spaces.
  • Displays: Displays are used to show computer screens, presentations, or videos. They come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted on walls or placed on desks.
  • Audio Systems: Audio systems are used to amplify sound in a room or space. They can include speakers, microphones, and amplifiers, and are commonly used in conference rooms and meeting spaces.
  • Video Conferencing Systems: Video conferencing systems are used to conduct remote meetings and video calls. They typically include a camera, microphone, and speaker.
  • Interactive Whiteboards: Interactive whiteboards are used to display and interact with digital content. They can be used for collaborative brainstorming and presentations.

Choosing the Right Audio Visual Equipment Choosing the right audio visual equipment for your office is crucial in achieving optimal sound and visual performance. Consider the following factors when choosing audio visual equipment:

  • Room Size: Consider the size of your room and choose equipment that is appropriate for the space.
  • Connectivity: Ensure that your equipment is compatible with your existing technology and can be easily connected.
  • Features: Choose equipment with features that align with your specific needs, such as wireless connectivity or touch screen capabilities.
  • Budget: Consider your budget when choosing equipment and look for options that offer the best value for your investment.

Installation and Maintenance Proper installation and maintenance of your audio visual equipment is crucial in achieving optimal performance and prolonging its lifespan. Consider the following tips:

  • Professional Installation: Consider hiring a professional to install your audio visual equipment to ensure proper setup and connectivity.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your equipment to prevent dust and debris buildup and prolong its lifespan.
  • Upgrades and Replacements: Consider upgrading or replacing your equipment as necessary to ensure optimal performance and keep up with the latest technology trends.

Conclusion Investing in the right audio visual equipment can revolutionize your office productivity and collaboration. Use our comprehensive guide to audio visual equipment to learn more about the types of equipment available, how to choose the right equipment, and how to properly install and maintain it for optimal sound and visual performance.


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Improve Your Hotel Conference Room to Bring in More Business Travelers

In the hospitality industry, the little things make a major difference. If you have a hotel conference room, you need to make sure the technology in it meets the high standards found in office meeting rooms. A study found that 77% of meeting planners in a survey reported a higher need for more interactive technology now than five years before. A low-tech meeting space that does not have the tools needed to communicate means that you can lose business travelers looking for places to host meetings.

Video Equipment for a Hotel Conference Room

The video in a hotel conference room is exceptionally important. With a need for interactive technology, clear video is more important than ever. Replace your meeting room’s upgrade to a new projector or digital screen to display the video aspect of meetings. Good quality video can make a difference in whether meeting planners choose your venue for future conferences. Make sure they have the video equipment they need to have great meetings and want to return.

Improved Audio for Hotel Meeting Spaces

Acoustics in the meeting room is more important than you might think. Among meeting planners surveyed, sound quality ranked second most important, only after availability of high-quality internet connectivity, as impacting the overall meeting experience. If you have an outdated audio system for your hotel conference room or event space, you won’t attract business as you need.

Upgrade to a clear audio system with professionally installed speakers and other components for quality sound throughout the space. Participants will have a better experience at the meeting, and the meeting planners will be more likely to request future events at your space.

Lighting Controls for Meeting Rooms

The small details matter in meeting rooms. With simple lighting controls operated by a remote or from a wall panel, the meeting can quickly change from darkened lighting for a video presentation to bright lights to illuminate a speaker at the touch of a button. Pre-programmed lighting settings reduce the time meetings need to make adjustments, allowing for smoother transitions, and better impressions of your facility.

Experience Audio Video Inc. Is Your Source for Hotel Conference Room Upgrades in Southern California

Our team at Experience Audio Video Inc. include experts in everything about setting up audio, video, and lighting equipment in meeting rooms and other spaces. Whether you need to install video for your hotel conference room or audio in your event space, let us know. Connect with us to schedule your conference room upgrades to improve your business in meeting bookings.




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Why Your Meeting Rooms Need Microphones and Cameras

As good as laptop technology is, the cameras, speakers, and microphones natively installed on these computers leave a lot to be desired. In fact, many people who create professional-grade videos opt for separate microphones and cameras to capture better audio and video quality. Do the same in your meeting rooms to enhance your company’s professionalism, reduce wear on company-owned laptops, and improve meeting participants’ ability to hear and see everything.

Boost Professionalism

Poor audio and video during meetings present negative impressions of your company. You should always put your best impression forward, especially when conducting remote meetings with clients. To do so, you should ensure that every meeting participant uses a microphone to capture the clearest audio and cameras for crystal-clear images.

Laptop computers typically don’t have professional-caliber microphones. So, you should encourage your employees to use standalone microphones when participating in conferences in your meeting rooms. These better microphones will also help everyone to hear better without crackling, popping, or other sound problems inherent with lower-quality mics.

Reduce Laptop Wear

Laptops that use online meeting software to connect with remote meeting participants may put their computers under undue strain, especially if they have to use other programs during the meeting. For workers with company laptops, the extra stress on their laptops could become more strain on your IT department that has to address the problems.

Let workers use other programs on their laptops without connecting remotely to a meeting through their computers. In the meeting spaces with separate mics and cameras, they can interact with the meeting and remote participants while minimizing memory use on their laptops.

Improve Meeting Participants’ Ability to See and Hear

Lastly, everyone in meetings deserves to fully participate. To do so, they need to hear and see everything clearly. Laptop audio tends to not be very good, with low volume and quality. Using professional microphones in the meeting and high-quality speakers in the meeting room gives everyone a better experience of the connected conference. Let experts set up and install your audio and video conference room equipment to maximize the benefits you get from the professional-grade gear.

Have Commercial-Grade Audio and Video Equipment Installed in Your Meeting Rooms

In Southern California, contact our commercial installation services at Experience Audio Video Inc. for top-quality audio and video equipment for your meeting rooms. We have served the area for years, providing brand-name, commercial-quality equipment and installation in meeting rooms and other commercial spaces. Let us know how you want to upgrade your company’s conference rooms, and we’ll show you how we can help.




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Conference Room Technology for the Future You Can Have Today

conference room

Your conference room technology needs to be future-focused to ensure that your investment in it today won’t become an outdated waste in a year or two. The pandemic showed that office spaces must be flexible for sudden shifts to remote and hybrid working. As more offices offer remote working, at least part time, as an option, you need to have a conference room that will adapt to this trend.

Time-Saving Equipment

Today, up to 15% of the time in meetings goes toward setup of equipment for the session. Why keep wasting this much time when you can accomplish more during your conferences? Having equipment that quickly connects to computers, such as flip tops embedded in tables and other technological innovations to speed up the start of meetings.

One high-tech example of time-saving equipment is lighting settings connected to window shades. If your meeting room has a window that lets in sunlight, not having a cover for the window could produce a glare on your screen or cause distractions. With programmable lighting and window shades, you can set up a darkened space with the touch of a button that both dims the lights and lowers window shades. Instead of taking the time to manually close shades and turn off lights, you can accomplish the task in seconds.

Crystal Clear Displays in Your Conference Room

The clarity of conference room displays need to be crystal clear. All participants in the meeting must be able to see everything on the screen from any angle. LED projectors have become more affordable than they were in the past and produce clear displays from long-lasting equipment. Though the bulbs cost more to replace than standard projector bulbs, they last longer, making your investment a wiser choice for long-term use.

Crisp Audio

You never should have people unable to hear everything in the meeting room clearly. Poor audio wastes time. Good speakers are only part of having quality conference room audio, though. You must also have them placed strategically to ensure that every participant can hear the sound from them clearly.

Entrust the Future of Your Conference Room to the Technology Installed by Experience Audio Video Inc.

If your office is in Southern California, trust the experts in conference room technology at Experience Audio Video Inc. to upgrade your meeting space into a productive, future-focused collaboration zone. We have decades of work in the A/V installation business for commercial and residential customers. Contact us today to begin your meeting room upgrade.




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Find Out How to Optimize Your Office Conference Room

Conference Room

Unproductive meetings drain workers of motivation and job satisfaction. Even worse, bad time management during meetings keeps workers from focusing on tasks that require uninterrupted quiet. With 71% of senior managers reporting that meetings are inefficient and unproductive, you must make major changes to get more from your conference time. The best way to start is to optimize your conference room for better productivity.

Climate Controls to Maintain Focus

When a room feels too hot or too cold, people inside can lose focus as they try to think of ways to become more comfortable. Automatic climate controls that maintain the temperature inside the meeting space reduce the chances of distractions caused by discomfort. Plus, with systems connected to simple controls, you can make adjustments to the setting for the meeting room quickly, if necessary.

Quick Connect Flip Tops to Save Set-Up Time

Time spent finding connections for laptops to the projection or audio system wastes precious time in the meeting. Flip tops are connection sites located right on the conference table. These hubs have multiple options for connections, including ethernet, audio, video, and power.

If you want to allow multiple devices to charge during a meeting without using extension cords, you can choose to have several power flip tops integrated into the table. These options make setting up laptops for presenters and participants fast and simple.

Professionally Installed Audio and Video that Will Work When You Need It In Your Conference Room

Don’t try to install the projectors, screens, and audio in your conference room yourself. Professional installation ensures that everything is properly put into place, powered, and connected correctly. This professional installation also can come with setting up remote controls for audio and video systems to make operating these key components of meeting spaces simple.

Make Meetings Productive Again with Upgrades to Your Conference Room from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Your business needs to trust a company with a record of success in installing high-tech solutions for conference room productivity. Experience Audio Video Inc. has more than 20 years of installing equipment into commercial buildings and homes in the Southern California region. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions have for your conference room.







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Will You Still Need Upgraded Conference Audio and Video When Workers Come Back to the Office?

conference audio

If you think that all your workers will return to the office in 2022, you may need to reassess your prediction. In 2022, 90% of employers reported allowing hybrid working for their employees in knowledge-based positions. This would allow them to split their working hours during the week between their home and the office. By having part of your workforce at home, video conferencing will still be a requirement, hence, you’ll need to consider upgrading your conference audio and video equipment if you haven’t already.

Benefits of Upgraded Conference Audio and Video Equipment for Hybrid Offices

In a hybrid office, there will be days when you have workers at home with whom you need to meet. Having high quality A/V equipment in your conference room ensures that your meetings with remote workers will be clearly heard and understood. Plus, your in-office workers can easily collaborate with their colleagues through the conference room A/V system instead of relying on their personal or company laptops.

Perks of Upgraded Conference Audio and Video Equipment for Traditional Offices

The need to upgrade your conference room to high definition video displays and crystal clear sound is equally important for traditional offices. In today’s increasingly digital world, you need to have digital presentations to show your clients and workers. High-end A/V equipment in your conference room allows you to show the best possible version of your presentations, improving your communication abilities and showcasing your professionalism to clients.

A Future Investment in Your Office

When you want to invest in your office for future changes, integrating better conference audio and video is a good start. Changes in work habits will increasingly make remote work more desirable for employees. But you will still need to see and hear them as clearly during meetings as if they were in person. Better A/V equipment for your conference room is one way to invest in a workplace that will adapt to future changes.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to Upgrade Your Conference Audio and Video for Your Return to a Hybrid or Traditional Office

Both traditional and hybrid offices will have people working in-person. Connect them with each other and with those working outside the office through video conferencing. To get the best clarity, you should upgrade to better conference audio and video equipment for your workplace. Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to start the process of improving communications in your post-pandemic office.




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Benefits of a Dedicated Conference Room Audio System

When you host a meeting, you should set yourself up for success long before the gathering. One of the most important aspects of the discussion will be the conference room audio. You need quality audio to keep people on task and to avoid misunderstandings. Discover other perks of having a dedicating audio system installed in your conference room.

Downsides to Poor Audio Quality

If you are relying on your laptop speakers to deliver information in a meeting, you could have people not hear everything clearly. When the sound is garbled or too low, participants will fatigue during the meeting more easily because they are putting greater physical and mental effort into trying to discern the sounds. Good sound quality allows their bodies to relax and not lean forward. Their minds, too, can focus on the content of the audio instead of trying to figure out what the sounds are.

Better Participation

Everyone in a meeting can feel freer to participate when you have a dedicated conference room audio system. For instance, someone with a naturally quiet voice may not have their ideas or views heard. However, if you have microphones at each spot connected to the room’s speakers, they can speak and be heard clearly by everyone in the room.

Easier Connectivity

Many meeting presentations start on laptops. Presenters may connect the video only of their laptop to a projector and have their laptop speaker produce the audio for the presentation. This method does not work well because the audio and video may not sync or the audio could become unclear when the presenter has to turn their speakers to maximum volume. There is a better solution.

When connected to the conference room audio system, everyone has the ability to share videos, sound clips, and presentations from their laptops. They don’t need to worry about bringing separate speakers. The room’s audio system will amplify the sound to give the presentation its greatest effect.

Let Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Create a Dedicated Conference Room Audio System for You

Don’t let another meeting fail due to poor sound quality. Contact us at our commercial services division of Experience Audio Video Inc. to get a professionally installed conference room audio system and bring productivity back to your meetings.




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About Conference Room Projector Light Sources

Thinking of getting a new projector installed in your conference room? The light sources will make a major difference in your options. Some have almost permanent light sources while others may need regular replacement. Which type of conference room projector is best for your meeting room? Find out more about the various light sources to narrow down the many choices you have for a projector.

Why Are Conference Room Projector Light Sources Important?

The type of light source in your projector makes differences in the model’s longevity and image quality. The operation of the unit is also impacted by the type of light source within the projector. How often your meeting room uses the projector and how long you need it to last will affect your decision about the type of light source inside the projector.

Types of Light Sources

A conference room projector can have one of three main sources of light – bulbs, LED, or lasers. The models that use these light sources also have three main price points that respectively go from lowest to highest for bulbs to lasers.


The first, bulbs are typically metal halide bulbs. These standard lightbulbs produce good enough image quality that they have frequent applications in home theater equipment. Plus, projectors that use bulbs tend to be more economical. The downsides are shorter life spans for the bulb and the heat produced during use. A fan typically cools the unit, but in a quiet room, the fan can become a distraction.


Another type of light source is the light-emitting diode (LED). These projectors don’t generate heat during operation. Therefore, they are quieter since they don’t need cooling fans. They also last much longer than bulb projectors. The only downsides to these projector light sources are their replacement cost and brightness. Older models would not shine as brightly or show colors as vividly as bulbs. Upgrades in technology have allowed LED projectors to perform as well visually as bulb projectors. The replacement cost for bulbs is more expensive, though.


Laser projectors are typically not seen in conference rooms. These extremely bright light sources are most often used for outdoor projectors or very large screens. They tend to cost much more than other types of projectors. However, the light source lasts for the life of the unit.

Let Our Team at the Commercial Side of Experience Audio Video Help You Find a Great Conference Room Projector

Whether you know exactly the type of project you want or need help in choosing, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc.Whatever type of projector you select for your meeting room, you can trust us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to professionally install it. We can also help you with other ways to upgrade your conference room to improve the quality of light, sound, and presentations.




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Why Your Conference Room Table Needs Flip Tops

Are you setting up a new conference room or renewing an existing one? If you have simple, solid tables, you could be missing out on providing your employees with the tools they need to become engaged meeting participants. Conference room table flip tops should be part of your meeting space upgrade plans.

What Are Conference Room Table Flip Tops?

Conference room table flip tops provide a means of managing cables of those participating in the meeting while providing them with centralized power and network outlets. Some models also have access to audio and video connections to let participants share their laptop screens with others via the meeting projector. The flip tops hide the outlets in a recessed container under a lid until needed.

Why You Need Flip Tops in the Table

Today, meetings require participants to bring more than paper and pencil. In fact, everyone in the room might have their tablets or laptops running during the meeting to take notes or engage in interactive activities. Therefore, you will need to ensure that everyone has the power necessary to keep their devices running throughout the entire meeting. A dying tablet or notebook battery could cause someone to leave early or to lose focus. Flip tops ensure that each person has access to an outlet and network connection to keep working throughout the meeting.

Types of Flip Tops for Conference Rooms

There are many quality makers of conference room table flip tops. For instance, both Creston and Extron make these devices. Creston calls their line FlipTopv. Extron uses the term Cable Cubby. Both brands are among those that you may consider for your meeting room. Consult with an A/V professional to find the perfect solution for what your conference room and meeting participants need.

Improve Your Meeting Room with Help from the Commercial Services at Experience Audio Video Inc.

Whether you are creating a new conference room or want to integrate better technology into an existing meeting space, trust the commercial division of Experience Audio Video Inc. We will set up your ultimate meeting room for enhanced productivity and focus. Contact us today to start finding out more about our options, including conference room table flip tops and more.





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The Importance of Conference Room Lighting

Conference room lighting is more important than you think. Meeting participants can have their attention span, memory retention, and mental alertness all impacted by the lighting level in the room. Science backs these connections, making the investment in better lighting for your conference room a sound one.

Attention Span and Lighting

The brightness level of conference room lighting has a direct connection to the attention span of those in the space. A study of various levels of LED lighting showed that to enhance attention, use the brightest light. The study showed attention was best at 1000 lx (lumens per square meter). Though attention peaked when participants were in the brightest light, it did not produce the best mental performance.

Long-Term Memory and Lighting

For long-term memory retention, the same study showed that moderate lighting of 400 lx was best, compared to 300 lx, 500 lx, and 1000 lx. This level of lighting created the best for long-term memory retrieval. Therefore, if you want meeting participants to remember what happened in previous discussions, turn down the lights.

As light’s illuminance level increased, participants’ attention also rose. Hence, 400 lx provides better attention than 300 lx. Therefore, you should find a good balance between high illuminance for attention and moderate levels for memory recall.

Mental Alertness and Lighting

Alertness and lighting are also connected. Light exposure connects to the level of tiredness people feel. For instance, darkened rooms promote sleepiness because the brain associates the conditions with nighttime. A study of lighting and alertness in the office showed that workers who had overhead or desktop circadian stimulus lights were more alert throughout the day, felt more energetic, and reported less sleepiness. You might consider lighting in your conference room or areas of the office that produce bright daylight luminance to keep workers alert and on task.

As an alternative, you may consider integrating colors and colored lights. Saturated blue colors help to boost alertness. Red colors can act as strongly as a cup of coffee to wake up people. Bright reds are also great for stimulating ideas. Blues help people relax. Harness this evidence by shining colored lights onto a white wall in your meeting room, which will “paint” the wall with the colors. This lets you quickly create the ideal atmosphere for your meeting.

Choose Experience Audio Video Inc. to Create Your Conference Room Lighting to Optimize Attention and Retention

With Experience Audio Video, Inc., you can set up conference room lighting options to adjust the brightness in the room at the touch of a button. Let us create lighting systems to help you have more productive, better focused employees during meetings. Contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. for commercial services.