As we begin the new year in earnest, Experience Audio Video is looking ahead. Audio visual technology continues to evolve, and savvy businesses know how important it is to keep up. With that in mind, here are the top trends we’ve identified for business audio visual technology in 2020.

Trend #1: Digital Display Prices Continue to Drop

Digital display prices have been dropping, and we anticipate this trend continuing strong in 2020. The changes are staggering, really. In the consumer space, just a few years ago 4K TVs were cost-prohibitive for nearly everyone. Now big box stores are regularly selling them for under $500. The same goes for computer displays.

Of course, commercial grade digital displays will always command a premium over bargain-brand equipment for home use. But whatever the level, the trend remains the same.

As prices keep dropping, reevaluate whether your budget will allow you upgrades in this area. These could include digital signage, conference room video and even customer-facing TVs (if those are relevant for your industry).

Trend #2: Artificial Intelligence Grows in Capability

Our second trend for 2020 is in the area of artificial intelligence, or AI. AI-powered applications are growing more powerful by the week, it seems, and audio visual technology is no exception.

In the business A/V space, smart conference room technology will continue to get smarter, more capable and more intuitive. Existing smart control systems may drop in price as new players or new versions hit the market.

Trend #3: HD Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

As prices for 4K and even higher resolution displays drop, people will get accustomed to seeing 4K and better imagery. Soon, HD will begin looking as dated as VHS tapes did when DVDs hit the scene.


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