One of the technology solutions that Experience Audio Video offers is digital signage. This high-tech approach to signage has been gaining quite a lot of ground in the last few years. But is it really worth the investment?

You may be skeptical of digital signage. After all, people say it can get expensive, and technology failures can be embarrassing. What makes it worth investing in? What makes digital signage better than traditional signage?

In a word, it’s more dynamic. Allow us to elaborate.

Dynamic Engagement: Digital Signage Is Brighter

Digital signage is far brighter than traditional signage. Brightness grabs attention, and isn’t attention the point of your signage in the first place?

When you want to grab people’s attention, bright, light-emitting digital signage is a great choice.

Dynamic Messaging: Digital Signage Is Easy to Change

Second, digital signage can be easily customized and changed in the moment. In this way it’s exceptionally dynamic.

If your signage needs change, even briefly, you can easily reconfigure digital signage to display the message of the hour. With traditional signage, changing your message takes some serious work. You have to order new signs from a vendor and wait weeks for them to arrive. Or you end up scrawling something on printer paper and taping it to the sign— not exactly elegant or professional.

Dynamic Animation: Digital Signage Moves

Lastly, digital signage is an improvement over traditional signage in that your signage can come to life. Take advantage of the fact that digital signage is video-capable. Create animated flourishes for your signs if you have the capability. Or at least experiment with basic animations and transitions in your favorite presenter software.

See for Yourself

We hope we’ve convinced you of the value of digital signage. But in this case seeing could be believing. Contact us today for a free demo and quote.


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