With customers who have multiple options for their rides, set yours apart by providing your riders with the most luxurious experience possible. Such offerings become especially important for long-haul transport vehicles that take riders on hours-long trips. Everything from better audio and video to automation is possible inside your ride vehicle. Make your ride a service that customers will prefer with these luxury AV upgrades.

Luxury Audio and Video

Imagine integrating a TV system into your coach, RV, or limo. Some brands we incorporate into our audio and video systems include Samsung, Apple, and Marantz. Riders get a visual and auditory experience matched only by movie theaters. Paired with comfortable seating and iPort integration ensure that riders will keep coming back for the luxury of riding in your vehicles.

Automation Controls 

We also offer automation controls from Control4 and Crestron. These controls can regulate the video and audio in addition to climate controls and lighting. Riders give over their control to you when they choose your coach or limo, but they should not bypass their control over their comfort. Automation controls provide them with the ability to make their environment as close to their ideal level of comfort as possible.

Make These Upgrades a Reality for Your Vehicles

Whether you operate a single coach or a fleet of limos, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. in Orange, CA, by calling (714) 744-4455. We’re here to make your dream of offering your customers the most luxurious ride a reality.


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