Meetings today cannot handle the technology from 40 years ago. If you still have plain whiteboards and speakerphones, you need to upgrade your conference space to accommodate more interactive meetings. Upgrades will make it possible for people to offer more vibrant, engaging presentations.

Why Speaker Phones Don’t Work

In the business world, you know that people often say as much with their body language as with their words. Using only a speaker phone does not allow you to see the reactions or posture of anyone who connects remotely to the meeting. However, you can upgrade your meeting space to include screens that allow for video conferencing.

Add Interactivity to Your Whiteboards

Plain whiteboards that required dry erase markers are rarely used in today’s business meetings. Instead, workers want to be able to connect their computers to a projector or screen to show carefully created presentations. Instead of just a projector, provide an interactive whiteboard instead. These boards have a stylus that the presenter can use to digitally draw on images on the screen while interacting with webpages and PowerPoint presentations.

Boost Sound Systems

Because many presentations on whiteboard have audio, you will want to also upgrade your conference room to surround sound. Anyone in the room, no matter where they sit, can get full audio. You will hear fewer complaints from uneven sound output and get more accolades from great audio.

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