Just about everything that we do nowadays is from our phones or iPads. We can do anything from our hands; from ordering dinner to buying a car. We expect our handheld devices to have intuitive functionality to help us with our everyday tasks and make our lives a little bit easier. Crestron thought that it was time to bring that level of intuitive to simply control a room into the workplace.

Innovation for the better.

Crestron has been the lead in way of room control. They were the first ones to introduce a color touch screen in the ‘90s. They strive year after year to innovate to give their customers a better experience.  Now they are using their experience and expertise to deliver the most seamless user experience for controlling workplace technology for your mobile device.

Crestron Mobile Room Control

You have to go through an authorized Crestron dealer to have the mobile room controller setup and programmed. You will tell your dealer what functions you would like. After it is all set up you and your staff would be able to use your phone or iPad to set up a new meeting room, control your lights, set up your presentation or present your presentation.

Safety and security

It is your job to make sure that your workplace is as safe as imaginable, to make sure that your returning employees can collaborate using technology safely, securely and successfully. Crestron is hard at work creating a mobile device room control experience that functions seamlessly and has the security we expect from our mobile devices. With the mobile device room control anyone should be able to walk into a room and use their mobile device and instantly have control of the room without having to touch any screen but their own.

Ease of use

You won’t have to type in IP addresses, remember passwords. You just simply open the app and go. The employee’s personal device will be detected by the nearby AV system and will automatically connect. For security, you can have authentication via a PIN or QR code enabled that will be displayed on the touch screen. 


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