Everyone prospers in different settings. Some people thrive in a high energy work environment with lots of activity. For others that type of work environment can stunt their productivity. Have you found which work environment works best for you? 

You are probably wondering what work environments we are talking about. There are a few to consider:

  • Fully remote
  • Partially remote
  • In an open-office
  • In a private office
  • On-the-go


Fully Remote

Because of COVID-19 some companies have adopted a fully remote office setup to make sure everyone is practicing social distancing. Now that companies are easing restrictions a few are deciding that they are going to do permanent work-from-home.


  • Employees can work from anywhere in the world
  • Easier work-life boundaries for experienced remote workers
  • Lower expenses on commutes for employees and operational costs for companies overall


  • Collaboration may be sometimes affected (if teams haven’t figured out how to work together online)
  • Employees have to be accountable to themselves, which for some people may not work
  • Loneliness is a problem commonly experienced by remote employees

Partially Remote

Other companies have started setting up a partially remote office setup where employees can report into the office a few days a week and work remotely for 1-2 days. Many companies are adopting a partially remote setup before committing to a fully remote office.


  • Employees can switch between the different setups, which can increase engagement and productivity as they are exposed to changing environments
  •  Teams are able to meet in person for regular meetings


  • In office employees may have a difficult time communicating with their remote counterparts if work is not happening at the same time

An Open-Office

Open office floor plans are often used in large companies to create an open space for employees instead of using cubicles.


  • Can increase communication and collaboration
  • Open floor plans can introduce wellness rooms and dedicated spaces for meetings and solo focused work


  • Boundaries maybe forgotten if employees are able to reach anyone whenever they want
  • Distractions can happen if there isn’t a designated area for chit-chat and meetings

A Private Office

Private offices are often associated with executives, but they may provide private offices for other people, even if for shared use.


  • Dedicated space for work can boost productivity
  • Privacy and boundaries can be enforced


  • May lack natural lighting or have bad ventilation
  • Can lead to a divide between people


You may like working on your laptop anywhere; i.e., the library, coffee shop, or even at home. On the go work can mean working anywhere in the world, especially if your company supports non-existent work hours.


  • Have a chance to work with your natural energy
  • Can increase your productivity by exposing yourself to different environments


  • Constantly being on the move can be tiring over time
  • You will always search for spots with internet service to work


Now is the time to ask yourself some questions about what your ideal work environment is. Since we have put the different kinds of workplaces in a nice package for you, you can now decide on which one may appeal to you and what you want. The next step is to think about these thoughts that you want to be clear on

  1. Freedom to travel – do you want to be able to have a job based in the United States, but work from Europe or live in two different cities a year while keeping your job?
  2. Ability to meet with your team – do you want to meet with your team five-days a week?
  3. Some time at home – do you want to spend a few days a week at home?
  4. Human connection – do you need the connection from another human? Or do you like to communicate in person with your colleagues everyday?



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