Establishing yourself as a leader in your field, whether you’re a large business, institution or single entity, means being yourself and making your voice heard. The best way to do that is through a webinar. Webinars have become a popular way of efficiently and effectively communicating ideas especially due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lifesize has created an easy way to organize, share and participate in webinars, as a guest presenter or attendee. You may already have started looking into hosting online sessions with customers or your target audience or will in the near future.


A webinar is an online event that is hosted by an organization or company and broadcast to a select group or individuals through their computers via the internet. A webinar is sometimes also referred to as a webcast, online event, or web seminar.

Depending on the restrictions put in place by the host, the participants can share their audio, screen, and documents with other attendees – making for an engaging and collaborative virtual discussion. Webinars allow companies to build relationships with customers, partners, or prospects.


  1. The host – Most webinars have a single host who is responsible for making all of the arrangements and making sure everything goes smoothly. The host could be a person or a team, but one primary individual will host the webinar
  2. The participants – Participants are the people that will be included in the webinar presentation, such as experts. They should have a defined and active role in the webinar based on the agenda and goals of the discussion.
  3. The attendees – Attendees are simply watching the webinar and may comment or respond to the webinar. They do not directly host, share or interact with the webinar.

Creating a webinar could be a daunting task, but with Lifesize creating a webinar takes only a couple of minutes.


  1. Sign into Lifesize

You will have to create your Lifesize account, but once you do you can immediately host or join meetings from any device from anywhere.

  1. Create a video meeting webinar for participants

Once you are signed in you want to click the “Meetings” tab and then select “Create a Meeting.” After that enter the name of the webinar, choose a host, and create a numeric passcode to ensure only invited people can join

  1. Share the link with webinar participants

Next you are going to copy the new webinar link and share it with everyone who will be participating via email or any calendar of your choice. NOTE: this is the link for those that will be a part of the webinar, not the attendees.

  1. Create a webinar link for attendees

After you share the link with the participants it is time to create a link to allow webinar attendees to watch your presentation.

To do this you will need to visit the Lifesize Admin Console ( and then follow these instructions:

  • Select meetings tab
  • Search for the name of your newly created webinar and select it
  • (within the meeting settings menu) select streaming
  • Then select enable live streaming
  • You’ll now have the option to either enable or disable audience questions for your webinar.
  • Choose whichever you prefer
  • Click save
  1. Promote your webinar link to the masses

After setting up the link for your attendees you can now start to promote your webinar. From the edit meeting details menu, the newly created streaming link is what you’ll use in your marketing material.


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