In our last post we talked about the key strategies to setting up work from home for call centers due to Coronavirus. In this installment we will talk about the future of the call centers. A lot of the country is still on lockdown, but some of the governors have loosened the lockdown restrictions. Even though the restrictions have been loosened it is clear that remote work is here to stay.

Since the beginning of quarantine, the world’s largest companies have been making work from home a major part of their organization strategies.  For a lot of companies, it means no overhead costs, meaning no workers comp insurance or rent on massive buildings. It isn’t just businesses that are requiring or allowing their employees to work from home it is also U.S. federal agencies.

With all of that being said call center jobs are also changing. It has been reported that some remote call centers have started to utilize people with disabilities. Which has been creating new opportunities for a historically under-represented population. People seeking full-time and part-time positions – and equipped with the tools to work from home with a flexible schedule – are finding new opportunities.


The final take away from the work from home force is that organizations need to become more adaptable. Not only to better support remote agents, but to align their methods of customer support into ongoing shifts in communication.

Most organizations that start to rethink their technology strategy get further along than those that don’t. A call center’s reliance on older, on-premise software systems – often requiring on-site staff to physically rack servers in a corporate data center in order to support new demand. That has been the main factor hindering a call center’s ability to provide exceptional customer care via remote workers.

Prior to the pandemic, call centers have been the last upholders of on-site technology. But that is changing, cloud-based call centers as a service was expected to be the preferred deployment model of organizations. Because of the pandemic that has been pushed up.


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