It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial office or a retail store. Loss from theft can cost your company significant amounts of money. Protect your assets by installing security cameras. With these, you can find out who stole from your business and hopefully work with the police to get justice.

The Problem of Theft in Business

Theft is a major problem for large and small businesses. In the retail industry, losses from shoplifting, employee theft, and fraud are euphemistically called “shrink.” The amount of shrink in 2019 increased from previous years at retailers to 1.62% of sales, for a total of $61.7 billion. While this only addresses retail companies, even non-retailers can experience loss from employee theft and fraud.

Even Offices Are Not Immune to Losses from Theft

Employee theft is a major problem for companies. In fact, this type of crime often goes undetected for up to 14 months after the theft occurs. During this time, the employee may have already left the company or even moved to another city. Such a long time between the crime and its detection can make prosecuting these issues difficult.

With security cameras, you can see when physical theft occurs, which may help you to more quickly act on the crime, thus preventing future events from that individual. Plus, others in your company who see that employee fraud or theft is caught and prosecuted will be less likely to attempt these crimes.

How Security Cameras Protect Your Assets

Installing security cameras can protect your company from “shrink” by preventing the problem by alerting individuals that they are on camera. Additionally, the footage from security cameras can offer valuable backup data for when you file insurance claims or seek to press criminal charges.

Professional installation of security cameras ensures that your business gets commercial-quality cameras that produce the type of footage you need.

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