Thinking about a projector for your conference room? There are many options to choose from – DLP, LCD, LCoS, Laser, and LED. How you will use the projector is one way to select the right option. However, if you need help, you can always get advice from a professional audio and video installer.

Projector Types: Digital Light Processing (DLP)

The two most common types of projectors on the market for years were DLP and LCD. DLP projectors use one or three chips to create the images. These projectors are best for movies because they produce clear, sharp images. In fact, movie theaters use three-chip DLP projectors for their improved response to image changes and brightness.

Projector Types: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

LCD projectors are not as bright as DLP varieties. However, these projectors produce deep blacks. Plus, their general brightness makes them ideal for showing graphs or other static images common in business meetings. Thanks to innovations in the field, LCD projectors can be more efficient than their older counterparts by twice as much, per researchers. Such innovations also allowed for the development of energy-efficient LED-based projectors.

Projector Types: Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS)

LCoS projectors produce the deepest blacks possible. Plus, they provide a high-contrast ratio for high-quality images. However, these screens are not ideal for showing fast motion, which they can blur. Plus, if you have an exceptionally large screen, these projectors may not produce enough brightness to display images properly.

Projector Types: Laser

Laser projectors have the longest lives of all types of projectors. Instead of a bulb, these projectors use a laser with either an LCoS or DPL engine. The results are consistent light from the projector for the device’s life. Plus, they have an extremely quiet operation for conference rooms that demand absolute silence.

Projector Types: LED

LED projectors are quiet to run, like laser models. Plus, they last for tens of thousands of hours. These projectors are very energy efficient, operate without excessive heat output, and power up and down quickly. Lastly, you never have to replace bulbs with LED projectors.

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