As of 2021, the bar and nightclub industry had a $25.1 billion market with an expected growth of 25.2%. Consequently, if you own a bar, you need to make your venue stand out from others by catering to the changing tastes of patrons. For 2021 and beyond, alcohol consumption is on the rise, putting your bar in a prime position for growth. Use digital signage to make your newest drinks known and to advertise old favorites to a new demographic of bar patrons.

Why Use Digital Signage in a Bar

Adding digital signage makes the notifications easier to see in the dimmer lighting frequently used in bars. For instance, you can’t promote drink specials written on a chalkboard if your patrons cannot see the board. Digital signs in your bar stand out with their bright screens that you can adjust as needed.

Plus, you can add images, audio, and video. You can even create slideshows of promotions that you want to show to your patrons.

What to Advertise on Your Digital Signs

Digital signage basically takes a screen and displays the images you tell it from a tablet or computer. In this sense, a digital sign is a way to display the contents of files showcasing your drinks. The things that you advertise are up to your imagination.

How Else You Can Use Digital Signage in Your Bar

One simple way to use the signs is the same way that you would a chalkboard where you write daily specials. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to only this use. The digital signs in your bar can help you to advertise drink specials, notify guests about happy hour deals, showcase live events, or promote specific drink brands. With the option to include moving images, slideshows, still images, or audio, your digital sign screens become easy-to-change advertising sites in your bar.

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If you want the convenience of changing the information on your bar’s signs through an app and the benefits of making quick changes, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Our commercial division works specifically with venues like yours to get high-quality signage, audio system, and much more installed. Your customers will have a better experience and you can encourage sales of new drinks with digital signs. Start your bar upgrade today.




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