The pandemic drove many people away from offices to safely work from home. However, things are slowly returning to their pre-pandemic state in much of the United States with workers returning to their offices. Is your workspace ready to welcome workers who have spent months working from the comfort of their homes? With the right audio, video, and lighting controls and equipment, you can be.

How Are People Returning to the Office?

Generally, more people are going back to the office full-time, as evidenced by a shrinking number of job offers allowing remote work. The other indicator of more people in offices is heavier traffic in cities during rush hours. If you’ve noticed more traffic, you’re likely waiting to welcome workers back.

Where Is Remote Work Still Strong?

Remote work still remains popular in major cities and on the coasts. For instance, 26% of job listings in San Francisco offer remote work while the number in New York City is 19%. However, a minority of job postings have remote work as an option, even in these more flexible regions. Therefore, you’ll still have most workers coming in at least a few days of the week.

A More Comfortable and Productive Workplace

Because people have had all their home comforts while remotely working, they may find the move back to the office harder. Make the transition a little easier for them by improving the audio, video, and lighting controls and equipment in your office.

Use lighting controls to provide areas of the office with warmer, more soothing light where workers can go to relax. Break rooms or huddle spots are good places for this type of lighting. You can also automate lights throughout the workspace to optimize energy savings.

In your conference room, use the latest audio and video for crystal clear images and sounds during meetings, and your workers may not want to go back to using their laptops for online meetings anymore.

Get Lighting Controls and More from the Commercial Side of Experience Audio Video Inc.

Your workplace and employees should have the best conditions for the office. Whether you need improved audio, video, or lighting controls or equipment, you can get it from us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Our commercial division expertly installs equipment in businesses that demand the best. Contact us today to make your workplace comfortable and productive as people return to the office.




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