Tips For Choosing The Right Security Camera Surveillance Service


We often go to lengths to ensure the security and safety of our loved ones. And to make our work easier, surveillance cameras came into being. Nowadays, you’ll notice that most houses have security cameras in their compounds. But do we know what things should be kept in mind before choosing a security camera surveillance service


Well, this article will talk about some vital things that will help you find the best surveillance service near you. Since it is a matter of safety and security, you need to be cautious about this. 

Choosing The Right Security Camera Surveillance Service

  • High definition video

Why do we install security cams? To know who has been in our house and when in our absence, right? And if we can’t see that due to poor visual definition, then what’s the point of installing a security camera in the first place? 


For security surveillance, you’ll need a high-definition video. Previously CCTV used to produce blurred videos and pixelated images, which were quite hard to decipher for anyone. 


But due to technological advancement, security cameras now have high-resolution images and video capturing ability. The security cam operators can easily zoom into the required frames, freeze a particular scene or even rotate the image to get the right view. 

  • Smartphone Integration

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what’s going on in your house while sitting in an office or while you’re out? 


Well, this is only possible if you connect your phone to the security camera. Then with the help of the video monitoring feature on your phone, you can easily watch over your house/property. 


Most top surveillance companies provide their customers with video monitoring services. This feature allows its clients to get notifications about any unusual activity caught on your CCTV. 


Therefore, if you install this video monitoring service on your phone, it will help you to remain altered even when you’re away from home.

  • Consistent Monitoring Services

Is it possible for you to sit for hours and monitor what’s going on in the CCTV? Of course not! So for that, you would need someone or a team who would monitor the activities and alert you in case of any irregularities. And to monitor these activities, you would need a team of experts. 


Being experts, they can scrutinize each detail and fix any kind of bug in the system if it appears. So you should look into this feature before opting for any security camera surveillance service. 

4. Easy Cloud Storage

You might have seen in many cases that CCTV footage is used for evidence in legal matters. The police also require previous CCTV footage to catch a criminal or a thief, right? 


So for that, the CCTV footage should be kept secured and saved up. Previously CCTV footage was stored in various storage devices, and it was a difficult job to go through each storage device to find out the right footage. 


In these types of storage, there was always a chance of tampering or loss of data. But with the advent of time and technology, CCTV footage can be stored in the cloud. As a result, now retrieving footage will be easier, and there will be no chance of loss of data too. Thus allowing operators to access and manage as per their convenience. 

  • Alarm integration

Suppose you have a video monitoring service, but it fails to send you an alarm at the right moment. Then what happens? You fail to protect your house from getting robbed or can’t stop a crime from happening! An alarm integration system helps to send alert signals faster, thus allowing them to respond in time. 


Apart from just sending you signals, this feature also allows you to get notifications regarding wrong fingerprints, motion monitoring, and password locking. So before you opt for any security camera surveillance service, you should keep this feature in mind. 

  • Video Compressing

We all know that videos take up a lot of space, and if compressed inappropriately, then there’s a high chance the quality of the video degrades. So if you are planning to compress the videos, you have to ensure that you don’t ruin the quality of the video. 


A good video compressing tool ensures that the quality of the video remains untampered even if they are kept compressed. After all, good video footage helps people to prevent any crime before it can happen. 

  • Remote Surveillance

Previously, if you were away from the surveillance setup, it would be difficult for you to monitor anything. But with the advent of technology now a day, many security camera surveillance services have the feature of remote surveillance. 


In simple terms, it means you can easily continue your surveillance through your laptop or smartphone, even if you are away from the main setup. All you’ll need is a stable internet connection for that. 

  • Proper training

It might sound simple, but it’s not that easy to monitor CCTV footage. To monitor any kind of video footage, a person needs to have a basic understanding of how a CCTV works. 


So either you can hire any security camera surveillance service to do the job since they are quite well trained. Or you could learn essential things that you need to know about security camera surveillance and do the job yourself. You can choose whatever works you think is best. 


Summing up, these are some of the things that you should keep in mind when thinking of choosing the right security camera surveillance service. It’s true that nowadays there are many surveillance services available but if you want to choose the best you should go for Commercial Audio and Video Sales and Service. They are known for their excellent services and have also received many prestigious awards for the same. They have over 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Whether a big business or a small home, they provide excellent services to their clients.

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