An unfortunate problem for many commercial offices is the lack of a useful conference room. There may be enough seating, and a projector or screen allowing for digital display, but your conference room isn’t truly useful if it’s not encouraging productivity in your employees. You want clients to feel comfortable sharing ideas, and staff to engage in positive teamwork. But with the wrong conference room design, you could be sabotaging everyone’s efforts.

Designing the right conference room can be done using any design style and with any budget; consider implementing some of these ideas when planning yours.

  • Have a whiteboard where ideas and plans can be written out for everyone to see.
  • Make sure there are beverages and food available, particularly for longer meetings, and always have water on hand.
  • Don’t paint walls with overwhelming colors, and try and stick to calming colors like lighter yellows or blues.
  • Have a large-screen digital display so that everyone on your team can share their assets with the group.
  • Try and place conference rooms where there are windows so you can take advantage of natural light. Skip the fluorescent overheads and opt for something more indirect and less harsh.
  • Get rid of distractions, whether it’s noisy vents, squeaky doors, or construction next door. The more distractions your conference room has, the less your employees will get done.
  • Make sure everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit and enough table space to work on.
  • Ensure that conference call phones are always turned on, prepared, and ready to go.
  • Have enough outlets and plugs so that everyone can charge phones or computers should they need to

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