How is the communication in your commercial space? Are you sharing information with and between your staff solely via email? If so, you and your team may be missing needed information, therefore reducing productivity and morale.

Instead, your internal communications system could use a boost, so that everyone is on the same page, all of the time. Never again worry about a memo not reaching everyone and instead, use digital signage to communicate with your employees effectively.

Imagine that you need to change a weekly meeting – you send an email, and hope that everyone sees. Or, you could use digital signage, and notify anyone who walks by one of your displays to the change immediately.

Perhaps you want to recognize a particular employee or accomplishment, but how many people will see your words and connect them to a face? By celebrating your employees with their picture on a digital sign, no one will forget to offer congratulations.

Connecting social media feeds and hashtags to your digital signage will also keep employees connected to what consumers are saying about your commercial business. Get real-time feedback and share it with your team in seconds.

You can even display company metrics to share your business’s performance with employees. How many clients did you convert in the past quarter? Let your employees know without bombarding them with spreadsheets.

Encourage your employees with inspirational quotes or information that will give them a second to pause outside of the constraints of work. It’s a bonus if you find content that relates to your industry and that will actually be meaningful to employees, rather than parroted from a quotations website.

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