Conference rooms come in all different shapes and sizes, from the massive mahogany boardroom with leather chairs, to the casual space that allows start-up team members to get together on occasion.

But you don’t need a lot of size to make sure your commercial office conference room makes an impact; especially nowadays when technological and audio-visual assets can be streamlined and hidden according to any space’s needs.

Whether your conference room has room for four people or room for ten, these are some essential components that will make it feel even bigger.

The Right Size Display Screen

You don’t want to overwhelm meetings with a display screen that is much larger than you need. For small rooms, you likely won’t need anything more than a 50-60” screen, but you’ll want to make sure that seating is positioned in a way that no visibility is lost.

The Right Speakers

Small conference rooms can typically get away with using the speakers on a monitor, but you may want to consider having an audio-visual installation team hide additional speakers in the ceiling or install an additional soundbar.

The Right Phone 

Conference rooms require the ability to connect via phone and nowadays, via digital display as well. You need something with high-enough quality that your voice, and those on the other end, don’t get lost to a poor connection. A small room helps with keeping audio clear, but you may also want to consider strategic additional microphone placement if needed.

The Right Connections

You never want any employee in your office, or even worse, an executive or client, to have trouble connecting their laptop or device to your room’s setup. Offer wireless connection so that everyone can get started immediately, and have cables available just in case something goes wrong.



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