For the modern workplace, it’s essential to focus on what really matters, no matter the industry: connecting your people. Open-plan office concepts were designed to help facilitate greater pathways between employees, with the hopes of increasing productivity. Nowadays, it is the digital design of your commercial office that opens up communication internally and beyond.

When you upgrade your current setup to a smart office, you’re immediately making mundane things and the day-to-day easier on employees, freeing them up to focus on what matters: your clients/patients. 

These are six ways that your new smart office will help your business succeed.

  1. Automated lighting will help your office use less energy, and setting your system to adjust according to optimal light and the outdoors provides a better workplace environment.
  2. Personalized temperature preferences will help each employee feel more comfortable without needing to add or remove layers.
  3. Scheduling apps for conference rooms, huddle spaces, and other meeting areas allow everyone to secure a room when they need it.
  4. Multi-room audio systems can play the same content to every space when you need to, but also allow for employees to choose their own sound.
  5. Digital displays can share content throughout your commercial office, both with employees but also with clients. Cut down on the need to answer questions from guests about navigating the space, and give employees the information they need, where they are.
  6. Security cameras can help keep your employees and your company’s belongings safe. When you can check your feed and receive alerts from an app on your phone, you’ll always ensure that everyone and everything on site is protected.



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