Boardrooms of yore were often styled with leather seating and more of a clubroom atmosphere; the priorities for boardrooms today are quite different.

The modern commercial office doesn’t exist in a bubble; chances are you are connected to vendors, suppliers, contractors, and even customers around the globe. In this world, comfort may still be a priority, but it is connectivity that is the focus.

Your boardroom’s audio-video system needs to be easy to connect to, and ready to go for every meeting. It needs to include high-quality video and audio components, so people on both ends of a call can be heard. And your boardroom should also make it easy for anyone to plug their devices into, whether to charge a phone or plug in a laptop. 

When upgrading your commercial office’s boardroom, consider these three trends to make sure your A/V system impresses all who attend.

  1. Video Walls

With LED video displays, you can create a full wall of screens that display the same or different sources in addition to your smaller, day-to-day screen. Hold a meeting with people all over the globe, and see each one of them clearly on the screen.

  1. Hidden Microphones

Sound quality can make-or-break a meeting, and is one of the most significant issues employees have with conference rooms. Your audio-video installation team will be able to place microphones strategically so that the audio coming from the room is always crystal clear no matter the room’s size or shape.

  1. Wired Options

Wireless has made it easy for people to connect to the internet quickly, but it’s not always reliable, and you want to have a plan. Installing cords in hidden panels will allow anyone to plug in if they want to, and will give you a backup in case of any issues.


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