Have you ever been to a meeting where the presenter needed to play an audio or video file, and the results were less than stellar? Or have you been to a meeting where either the main speaker or someone attending via conference call could hardly be heard?

If so, you’re not alone. You’ve run into a problem that’s far too common in commercial spaces today. Too many conference rooms are not equipped with even a basic dedicated sound system, leading to poor presentations and ineffective outcomes.

Here’s the bottom line: your conference room needs a dedicated sound system. Here are a couple reasons why.

A Dedicated Sound System Bypasses Lackluster Results from Tiny Onboard Speakers

Sure, the projector in your conference room can technically output sound. But it’s lousy. All it has is a tiny onboard speaker that is somehow too quiet and yet distorted and fuzzy all at the same time.

The same thing goes for monitors and display screens. Some of them have some kind of audio capability for playing the audio that goes with a video presentation, but they just don’t sound good. Beyond that, they can’t help you with any other needs you may have.

A Dedicated Sound System Gives You the Most Capability

Of course, playing videos with an audible audio track is only one way that you could need sound capability in a conference room. There are plenty others, such as amplifying a soft-spoken presenter, having greater control over volume of virtual attendees, and having an easier way to record audio in your meetings.

Whatever scenarios you encounter, a dedicated sound system in your conference room gives you the capability and flexibility to succeed with sound.

If you’re ready to pursue a dedicated sound system for the conference rooms in your workplace, give Experience Audio Video a call today to get started.



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