You can’t watch all parts of your commercial office all of the time, but you also don’t want to leave your company vulnerable. An alarm system will help, but adding security cameras around your property will make sure you always know what is going on, whether you’re onsite or not.

You don’t need to think about your security cameras as a constant surveillance technique, but rather, as a way to prevent — and even investigate — any crime or theft. That means placing them in areas that are most likely to capture any potential threats:

  • Front entrance and exit
  • Any additional entrances or exits
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms
  • Around windows
  • Side alleys, parking lots, or other secluded areas on the property

In all of these cases, you don’t need to worry about hiding a camera — sometimes just the presence of one can be enough to deter a thief. Not to mention, you can point indoor cameras away from seating areas, so customers feel comfortable, and you should be careful about adhering to legal regulations.

The type of security camera you install will also determine where and how you need to place them. At front entrances, a camera with a wider field of view allows you to see anyone approaching clearly, while a camera in your parking lot will clearly capture identifying details of cars that come and go.

Lighting can negatively affect the quality of the images your camera captures. If it is pointed into a light source, you won’t get clear pictures of faces approaching the camera. An experienced audio-visual installation team will ensure that cameras are optimally placed to function with the surrounding light.


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