Since a global pandemic disrupted work and office spaces across the globe, owners and managers everywhere are having to rethink how and where their employees are going to be working. Many companies are having a productive time while their employees are working from home. 

While some companies, like Twitter, will stay remote and work from home, a lot of companies are more likely to shift into a hybrid workplace. It will accommodate both in office and remote employees. That means that companies are going to need the technology for collaboration and safety, enabling employees to interact and be productive without putting anyone in danger of getting COVID-19.


Moving into this new hybrid office environment, the layout of office spaces is likely to change to allow collaborative environments that are larger to support social distancing. What is that going to look like? Fewer cubicles and shared desks and more conference and meeting rooms. 

With Unified Communications and collaboration tools you can people count. In addition to people counting the platform also has built-in reporting and cloud-based analytics which can be used to understand how employees use collaboration spaces and how they can be improved.


Because of social distancing there are new rules for how many people could be in one space, that is where people counters come in. People-counting technology has been around for decades, but because of privacy and security it wasn’t widely adopted into businesses. With the latest Unified Communications and collaboration tools, which have cameras that support people counting. 

Some people counters in the UC tools can be set to detect issues. Like, if the camera detects a seventh person in a six-person max conference room, it can let facility managers and/or IT leaders know so they can intervene. 


A personal device content-sharing gateway is the perfect way to safely share content to another display from your own personal device. Meaning that in-person meeting participants will not have to touch anything that isn’t theirs, which will help prevent the spread of viruses around the office. Gone are the days that everyone will have to be huddled around one person’s laptop in close quarters.

Content-sharing gateways allows employees who have been working at home, to use their own device that they have been using for a while, making it less time wasted learning how to control someone else’s device on the fly. It will also allow cross-collaboration with other video conferencing systems that customers, vendors, or partners may use.


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