A digital signage player is a small, physical device that extracts content to a TV, monitor, or other digital display. A digital signage player is a crucial part of any digital signage system. Digital signage players come with a variety of features. These features include support for multiple content formats, built-in security, multi-screen support and internet connectivity. 

Hikvision has created a new digital signage box because of today’s need for social distancing and customer safety. The box can display important information provided by Hikvision products such as:

  • People Counting – Displays the number of people that have entered and people who can still enter. Provides alerts when the maximum number of people are detected to ensure social distancing criteria. 
  • Mask Detection – When a customer without a mask is detected, a customized text notification will pop up.
  • Temperature Screening – An image from our highly accurate skin-temperature screening cameras with a temperature detection reading displayed.

Additionally, information such as advertising pictures or videos can also be displayed in a loop. Hikvision’s digital signage box comes with free software to set up and manage your display(s). The software can support up to 50 channels of digital signage.


The Hikvision digital signage player provides multiple security features. A few of the features are; three-level verification of materials, programs and schedules to avoid incorrect releases, and encryption of data storage and transmission to prevent data tampering view temperature results on a local monitoring screen for quick identification. 


The player also features multi-level user permissions and organization features that allow for materials, programs, terminals and users to be managed from one central location. It will also support:

  • Static and dynamic materials, including applications, pictures, audio, video, PDF, streaming media, web pages, live video, third-party data, and more.
  • Variable display modes, such as display by day, display by week, custom display, and more. Remote control and management of one or more screens, including timed startup/shutdown, timed brightness/volume and screenshot previewing.
  •  Five-level organization for the management of materials, programs, terminals, and users
  • Creation of custom users and allocation of user permissions according to user levels.
  • Remote control and 433 MHz wireless communication that enables control over the information distribution box in any direction.



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