Any modern business should have some sort of conferencing capability, either video, web or audio based. Video conferencing has become an essential part of everyday life for most businesses, other companies still don’t have a go-to service for interacting with clients. Some participants will have to navigate the odd conversation of ‘which service should we use’ before each meeting as a result.

Now there are dozens of providers offering basic conferencing capabilities, but how do you know which is best for your business? What features are important? How do you avoid deploying a conference call service that is good for some cases but fails for others? Keep reading to find out!


Choosing the best conference call service for your business is vital in furthering the proficiency and effectiveness of your internal and external communications. There are a variety of conferencing services available. The decision often ends up with your company’s needs.

End-to-end encryption and enterprise security

Most video conferencing platforms offer basic security features, there is a growing demand for true end-to-end encryption for the most sensitive meetings. 

Bring your own device capabilities

Bring your own device refers to employees who use their personal devices to connect to their organizational networks.

Recording ability

The ability to record a video conference is critical. Not only does it prevent the team from missing something in the meeting, since it can be re-watched if someone misses the meeting, they can watch it, also it improves engagement.

Calendar integrations

Calendar integrations for video conferencing makes it possible to automatically detect all of your scheduled video meetings, providing a single source for upcoming appointments.


With Lifesize or Crestron, teams will have access to virtual meeting spaces and collaboration features built for brainstorming ideas, making decisions, and working together in real time. Their meeting room systems are engineered to make the user experience effortless and effective conferencing.


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